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Holidays are All About the Kids: Let’s Hear What They Think of Rear- Seat Entertainment Systems

We Asked Children about Their Holiday Memories in Marietta, Georgia This Year

The shining eyes of children during the holidays as they wait excitedly for gifts and experience all of the bustle and cheer of this time of year is a sight to behold. It brings you back to your own childhood, and helps you capture a little bit of that old thrill and innocence.

Since we’re in the middle of the holiday season right now, what could be better than hearing from kids whose family members own outstanding car audio products, including bluetooth car stereos, as well as Apple Carplay and Android Auto products.

Usually, car audio blogs tend to focus on some anonymous customer who claims that all of a company’s products are “state-of-the-art.” We’re not going in that direction at all. Instead, we asked children what their favorite car memories are during the holidays, and here’s what they said.

Question: “What Did You Think of the Rear-Seat Entertainment Your Parents Bought for Chritsmas?”

An eight-year-old from Marietta, Georgia told us the following:

“It was really cool. I was playing MineCraft when my parents told me we had to get out of the house and do something Christmas-y. So, we all got in the car, and when I got in, my dad said, ‘I have a surprise for you, bub.’ When I looked in the car, The Polar Express was playing in the back seat! It was like having my own personal school iPad in the car with me, except it wasn’t just for math or reading!

Now I could watch a holiday movie! Because I don’t really like The Polar Express, I asked if I could turn on How the Grinch Stole Christmas. All my dad did was touch a few buttons on his phone, and suddenly my favorite Christmas movie was playing in the backseat. He was even able to take a call from my grandpa on his Bluetooth car stereo.

We drove all the way out to the country, and drove through a big farm where there were all these Christmas lights set up. I watched The Grinch on the way there and back, and we even got hot cocoa afterward. My dad told me he got these backseat screen things at Sound Sensations. That place must be awesome!”

Question: “What Do You Like Better, Rear-Seat Entertainment or Apple CarPlay?”

An eleven-year-old from Atlanta answered like this:

“It’s hard to pick just one! I thought the rear seat entertainment was amazing for my sister and me who tend to get bored on the two-hour drive to gram’s house for Christmas. However, we got an early surprise from my uncle, who secretly installed those screens in my parents car as a surprise for us. He’s a tech buff, and he’s always giving us cool gadgets.

But this year’s gift was easily the best ever. On the drive there, we watched Elf, and on the drive back we watched A Christmas Story. I got to pick the first movie, thanks to being the first one to get in the car, and so my sister picked the next movie. The coolest thing, though, was what my dad did with the phone!

Using Apple CarPlay, he was able to text my gram when we were going to get there, and she put Christmas cookies in the oven as a surprise. I could literally see her text messages pop up, and even saw a cookie emoji, so I knew what the surprise was. Also, my dad was able to switch the movie right on his console, which was connected to our Netflix and Amazon Prime through his phone.

Basically, you can control your car’s stereo system with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. We’re supposed to take a roadtrip to Texas this summer, so I am excited to pick out a playlist of my favorite movies. Oh, and my sister’s favorites, too, I guess.”

Question: “Your Parents Have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay - Which is Better for Rear Seat Entertainment?”

A fourteen-year-old from Alpharetta responded like this:

“My parents are big on rear-seat entertainment, and always have been. I don’t know, maybe they always wanted to be the cool parents, but we always had a movie or show going whenever they picked me up after school. In fact, when they’d go out on double-dates, the other couple would always ride with them, so they could watch something on the drive into the city for dinner.

Anyway, my friends always wanted to ride my car too because we had the ‘TV car.’ That’s what they called it. Those screens in the back are basically better quality than the flat screen we have at home.

But do I like one program in my parents’ car better than the other? Well, I’m an Apple kid, and I always have been, but it’s hard to compare them. I actually have been won over by the Android Auto products, and love them just as much as I love Apple CarPlay, or any interactive products for a Bluetooth car stereo.

They let you connect your favorite apps in your car, so when I start driving soon, I know I’m never going to get lost, and I’ll be able to play all of my playlists from Spotify and Apple Music. I’ll even be able to pull up YouTube for my friends when they’re riding in the backseat! I’m just a big fan of rear-seat entertainment, no matter what it is. I guess you could say that it’s why I have friends in the first place! LOL! JK, but seriously, it doesn’t hurt!”

Feel Like a Kid Again by Checking Out Our Rear Seat Entertainment and More at Sound Sensations

When you come to Sound Sensations, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store. We get that a lot. Our customers get excited just thinking about our store, which is stocked to the brim with great inventory selections, as well as helpful technicians who can guide you through all of our services - and can even put together a custom equipment package just for you.

Aside from rear seat entertainment, bluetooth car stereos, and consoles with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability, here’s a selection of what we have to offer this holiday season:

  • Speakers, subwoofers, and amps for your car audio system

  • Driver safety and security products and installation

  • Marine audio and accessories

  • Light, audio, and more for powersports and motorcycles

For a comprehensive guide to all our products and services, visit our website. Give us a call in Marietta, Georgia for all your audio needs, and much more. We’re at (770) 429-1600, or you can send us a quick message here. Have a safe, healthy holiday, and a happy near year!

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