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The perfect total automated home experience is here

Sound Sensations offers the very best in technology for your home. We specialize in smart home devices, home theaters, motorized shades, home networking, security systems, and whole-house audio.


Our philosophy is that every technology in your home should work seamlessly together so that every moment you spend at home will be a delight. Technology should never get in the way and should always be there to help you relax and enjoy your time with your family and guests.

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Smart Home Automation

At the heart of your smart home is an intelligent automation solution. Our preferred system is Control4, which allows you to intelligently control every aspect of your home from a central point. Everything from lighting and climate control to your home theater and security system is all controlled through one easy-to-use interface.

Home Theater

Often, the place where all smart technologies come together the most is in your home theater. We can advise upon and install the ultimate home theater system for your needs, with the best audiovisual experience imaginable. Some of our customers prefer a separate room for their home theater, and we’re able to offer a complete customized package that brings the cinema experience to your home.

Smart Lighting Control

And what smart home would be complete with smart lighting? It's up to you how your new lighting system should work. Do you prefer a system that automatically lights up when you enter the room? Do you like dimmer switches or no switches at all? It’s an exciting proposition to have the electronics in your home work exactly as you need them to at all times.

Whole-Home Audio

Sound Sensations excels at the installation of whole-home audio systems. With just the press of a button, you can stream music to any room in your house. Multiple residents can listen to different music, and it’s tied into your smart home system.

High-Speed Internet

Finally, we’ll take care of all the hidden details like the installation of your high-speed networking and Wi-Fi. Never again suffer from disconnections or slow internet speeds. With the right setup, your entire home will have an outstanding internet connection that powers the intelligent devices that make life sweet.

Smart Security System

We also advise the use of an integrated security system. With 24/7 monitoring, you can see what’s happening around your home by using your smartphone from wherever you are in the world. Your security system can work in tandem with your smart home so that when your car rolls up at the end of the workday the security system disengages and your house welcomes you home with the lighting, music, and ambiance you prefer.

The Complete Package

It all works together to make a sublime automated home experience that you could only have dreamed about a decade ago. Now, it’s all available at a low cost from the professional installers at Sound Sensations.

If you have an upcoming smart home or home audio project in mind, get in touch with Sound Sensations in Marietta, GA. We love to brainstorm ideas and offer you the best result possible for your budget.

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