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Home Networking Systems

Wifi network is at the heart of a great smart home

Every modern home needs a great internet connection. Besides getting fast internet from a service provider, you need a solid network infrastructure in your home so that all your devices can work at their best.

A high-performance home network allows all your smart devices to work well in tandem. They can stream media content from the internet, keep you up to date on important events, and even automate many of your typical day-to-day tasks for you. It all comes down to having a reliable, fast, home network.

Home networking for audio-visual systems

Sound Sensations is the expert in home audio and home theater systems. We recognize that the most impressive cinema screen with booming, crystal-clear home theater speakers is nothing if you can’t put them to good use with a solid home networking setup.

Many wireless speaker systems and whole-home audio setups use WI-FI networking to relay sound signals from the base unit to the speakers.

And the convenience of streaming content in fabulous 4K resolution straight from the internet can’t be overlooked. No longer do you need to worry about collecting physical media or even getting up from your home theater to change the movie. With a professional home network system, it’s all available at a touch of a button.

Smart home systems require a solid networking backbone

More and more of your home appliances require an internet connection for you to benefit from all their features. Computers, phones, appliances, smart home systems, security systems, audio systems, lighting, wireless speakers, window blinds, and TVs are just some of the devices that all want to share the same network.

With an easy-to-use, reliable, and powerful home networking system, all of your devices can access your smart home controller and work together in unison.

Professional home networking installation in Georgia


We typically prefer the high quality of Pakedge home networking systems, as they are designed for today’s connected home with a focus on AV equipment. Pakedge wireless access points deliver outstanding performance at an extended range. Even if you’ve had problems getting a strong wireless signal in the past, the right setup from Pakedge will fit the bill.

One of the most important elements of your home network is the router. It essentially acts as the brains of your network, directing traffic where it needs to go while keeping your home secure from external security concerns.

Pakedge home networks

Pakedge routers have turbocharged processors and are specifically designed to handle high-bandwidth multicast audio/video media in residential and commercial environments.

Network traffic can be separated into different virtual local area networks, keeping your audio/video, voice, automation, data, and management traffic all separate. As these lanes can be given different levels of priority, your latency-sensitive traffic, like phone calls and gaming, can run faster and not be bogged down by less-sensitive traffic. Besides prioritizing the types of traffic, Pakedge routers can prioritize devices on your network.

All of this is available with a simple-to-understand graphical user interface.

Don’t skimp on the networking requirements of your home. A great home networking setup is inexpensive yet ensures all your devices will work flawlessly at all times.

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