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Choosing the Right Car Amplifier

Give Your Vehicle the Power to Sound It’s Best

One of the best aftermarket upgrades you can get for your car audio system is a car amplifier. Most vehicles come with a small built-in amp, but it can’t produce the same power as an aftermarket amplifier. 


If you want to hear every detail of your favorite music and podcasts, you need to get an amp that boosts the quality of your speakers and subwoofers. From tweeters to subs, see how you can take your car from boring to booming with the right car amplifier.

Get the Most Out of Your Speakers and Subs With a Car Amplifier

Does your bass sound distorted when you turn up the volume? Then you probably need a new car stereo amplifier. Most subs can’t run off your car's built-in amp, but three and five channel car amplifiers can push out big sound from your subs. 


If you want to hear true bass in your music, it’s best to have two separate amps for superior sound - one to power your speakers and one to power your subwoofers. You can actually overpower your subwoofers and damage them with the wrong car amplifier. So, make sure you get to Sound Sensations for all your car audio installation needs. 


The right car audio amplifier doesn’t just power your subs, it brings your tweeters to life, too! Hear the high notes and get rid of distortion when you take your car's audio system to the max.

Enough Power to Overcome the Noise of the Road

Noise pollution can really impact your drive, because you can’t hear what’s going on inside your vehicle. Factory speakers are powerful enough to produce the sound you need to effectively overcome road noise. With a car stereo amplifier, you can easily turn on your music and drown out the annoying noise produced by the road.


In fact, most experts recommend you upgrade your car speakers and amp together so you can start listening to your car audio system with clarity as soon as possible.

Customize Your Listening Experience With an Incredible Car Amplifier

The biggest benefit of installing an aftermarket car audio amplifier is that you can create customized sound to enhance what you’re listening to. This means you can change the settings in your car audio system to showcase sound effects in a movie, make the bass deeper in your favorite song, or enhance the sound effects in an audiobook.

How Can I Choose the Best Car Audio Amplifier for My Vehicle?

Amps come in different varieties to meet the specific needs of your car audio installation, which is why it’s best to get to an expert when you’re looking for a new car stereo amplifier. There are three key factors to consider when you want to install a new amp in your automobile:



The number of channels you need to power your car audio system depends on the number of speakers you have in your vehicle. Amplifiers that have two, four, or six channels are the most flexible with power.



Never compromise on power when choosing a car stereo amplifier. The more power an amplifier produces, the better sound quality you get from your speakers. It’s better to send a little more to your subs and speakers, than it is to under-power them. 


To accurately know how much power your car audio system needs, take your automobile to Sound Sensations, where our experts can determine what car audio amplifier is right for your audio system.


System Compatibility

Choosing a head unit, speakers, and an amplifier that works together are essential for rich sound quality that won’t blow your speakers. Many experts recommend purchasing all your stereo components at once to ensure they work well together.

Who Installs the Best Car Audio Near Me?

If you like it loud, the added power of a car amplifier is exactly what you need to get bigger sound without distortion. At Sound Sensations, our technicians are dedicated to providing you with excellent service, expert car audio installation, and the best aftermarket car amplifiers available. 


To learn more about how we can customize the audio system in your car, call us at (770) 429-1600 or contact us online. Remember to ask us how we can upgrade the sound on your boat and motorcycle, too!

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