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Our Home Theater Setups Elevate the Experience

You don’t need to be a perfectionist to appreciate the huge difference in experience between a poor home theater setup and a truly great one. Whether you’re watching a bombastic movie, enjoying a sports game with friends, or playing the latest video games, the right home theater makes a world of difference.

With the right setup, your heart should be pounding as the music and the visuals draw you in. You begin to feel part of the story as if you’re there. It’s possible to become completely lost in the moment and forget about all your cares as you’re truly engaged by the experience.

Movie directors often bemoan audiences viewing their movies on poor quality equipment, and for good reason. A bad home theater experience is full of distractions and it's hard to get a complete feel for the artist’s vision when you can’t see or hear the feature as they truly intended. It becomes a passive experience that leaves entertainment media feeling flat.

Great Home Theater Systems

Home theater means different things to different people, and Sound Sensations can cater to all demographics. If you don’t have a spare room that you can dedicate to the home theater experience, then your living room is typically the multi-use room that needs to serve as your home cinema.


Achieving the all-inclusive, immersive, visceral, live home theater experience is possible if you call in the experts at Sound Sensations. Home theater is our livelihood, and we love to create the perfect home cinema system for our customers.

Typically, we’re looking at a large screen with a great resolution. Distance to the screen, projector, or TV is important, as is the lighting. The screen should be big enough to cover your whole field of vision for an immersive experience. Higher-resolution screens allow for greater clarity and realism.

The Importance of Sound

We can’t overstate how important sound is to the home theater experience. It’s said that three-quarters of a home theater’s emotional impact comes from the sound. So, you need an accompanying sound system that’s sonically convincing and blends seamlessly.

This sounds simpler than it is to implement, which is why we advise professional installation. When you have multiple speakers in a home theater system, they all need to be tuned so that the sound flows naturally from one position to the next. Otherwise, you get strange distortions in volume and timbre that take you out of the experience. And every room is different, so it takes real skill to get the perfect sound for the room’s dimensions.

The Complete Package

The perfect home theater system includes smart lighting that dims and rises as you play and pause your media. The blinds should drop when you start a movie for an impressive, fun start to the night. Your entire media collection should be available at the touch of a button. And, if you have a separate room for your media experience, the décor and seating should accurately reflect the theater experience.

Sound Sensations can accomplish all this for you, and more. Get in touch today to discuss your home theater needs.

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