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Powerful Audio with the Best Subwoofers

Get Superior Entertainment by Installing Aftermarket Subs


We spend a lot of time in our cars, so wouldn’t it be nice to experience your favorite music in full detail. Having a quality bass system is one of the best ways to discover every note, but most cars don’t come with aftermarket subwoofers, which results in poor sound quality. 


Aftermarket subs can turn your car’s audio system from something basic to a premiere listening experience. If you’ve ever wondered how installing subwoofers can enhance your stereo system, check out what Sound Sensations can do for you!

Your Factory Car Speakers Don’t Have the Space for Bass

When you think about it, car manufacturers have to fit as much audio technology into speakers as possible, which can be difficult in such a small space. Often factory speakers don’t have the room for ample bass. At Sound Sensations, we offer a variety of subwoofers to fit almost any vehicle.

For instance, Pioneer designs compact subs to fit in tight spaces. In fact, one of the many benefits from installing subwoofers is that they don’t need to be in your doors. Sounds Sensations can easily install aftermarket subs in your trunk or under your seats.

Bass Provides Incredible Sound, but They Take a Lot of Power

Bass notes create long sound waves that require a lot of energy to produce, which is a lot of work for your speakers. When you try to kick out bass from a single speaker or factory speakers, it weakens your entire audio system. 

Sound Sensations typically install subwoofers with an independent amplifier. That means all the bass notes have their own power source, and your speakers can play higher frequencies the way they are supposed to. You can find aftermarket subwoofers and amplifiers in complete packages from brands like Kenwood and JL Audio.

Get Better All Around Sound Quality With Aftermarket Subwoofers

The best subwoofers create the perfect environment for audio perfection. Your vehicle will play powerful, high-quality sound whether you have the volume turned up or down. Plus your speakers are getting all the power they need to perform at full capacity. 

Aftermarket subs improve more than your favorite music. Experience a whole new level of entertainment when you watch movies, play video games, and listen to your favorite podcasts.

No One Knows How to Install Subwoofers Like Sound Sensations

We have the best subwoofers and expert car audio technicians at Sound Sensations. Not sure what kind of power you’re looking for when it comes to bass? We can help you improve your audio experience with the perfect aftermarket subs.


Sound Sensations can amp up your bass to blast your favorite tunes or to improve your audio for a more enjoyable commute. We offer the best brands in speakers, car stereos, and amplifiers to complete your system. Ready to learn more about subwoofer installation? Get in touch with us online or call our shop at (770) 429-1600 to talk to a team member.

We have more than the best auto solutions in Marietta! Visit Sound Sensations for home technologies and marine electronics, too!

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