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whole house audio

Multi-room audio installation near you delivers rich sound for on-demand entertainment

Whether you want to listen to your favorite tunes loudly around your whole home or quietly in the dining room, it’s a cinch with a Control4 whole-home audio system from Sound Sensations.

Control4's multi-room high-resolution audio allows you to blast your favorite music throughout your home or in select areas, all with just the press of a button. For home audio installation in Georgia, there really is only one choice—Sound Sensations.

Access all your favorite music streaming services

With all the top streaming services, including applications that every Control4 system contains, Control4 offers a wide range of options and on-demand entertainment. Everyone in the family can stream their favorite songs, channels, and playlists in their respective rooms without the need for extra devices.

Deezer, SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, Napster, TIDAL, SoundMachine, and Amazon Music are just some of the music streaming services available on Control4.

Crystal-clear high-resolution sound

Enjoy strong, emotive, and unforgettable sounds. When you're on the go, it’s easy to overlook sound quality, but you shouldn't do so at home. Enjoy an expressive experience worthy of a real audiophile, complete with all the artist's intended timbre, detail, and texture.

Your connected home audio system

Create the ideal environment for you to unwind and appreciate your music. The lights darken, the shades drop, the music begins to play, and the front door locks with a single touch or a simple voice command. Life becomes a lot more pleasant when your music works well with different devices at home.

With a Control4 system, you have many options for the in-home speakers and control units. You can truly get a whole-home audio system that works perfectly for your home, your family, and your friends.


Handcrafted soundbars look great next to any TV and provide better sound quality than your TV's mediocre speakers. They're made-to-order in lengths up to 82 inches, with real-wood veneers and custom paint matching that mix in seamlessly with walls, bespoke millwork, and other room décor.

Perfected home theater speakers

Every Triad speaker is made to order and handcrafted from the finest materials available. They're the only speakers you'll ever need thanks to their exquisite designs, bespoke paint matching, and ability to fit in with any décor.

Control4 outdoor speakers

Premium all-weather landscape speakers are made to sound excellent in any outdoor setting, from a little patio to a huge estate. Ultra-wide dispersion allows for the use of fewer speakers while ensuring equal sound coverage with no noisy hotspots.

Designer speakers

From a small four-inch flush-mount speaker grill, these in-ceiling speakers provide rich, complete sound. They're perfect for filling the home with elegant music without sacrificing design aspects.

Touchscreen interface

With a single swipe, you can browse and choose your playlists, or pass the touchscreen around to let your friends and family pick the music. With beautiful cover art on display, you can stream material from the world's most popular services right at your fingertips.

Voice control

Don't even think about lifting a finger. Simply tell your smart assistant what you’d like to listen to and where you want it, and the home will be filled with high-quality music in no time. The integration of Control4 with Amazon Alexa makes it easy to play music with natural, vocal requests from anywhere.

Tablets and smartphones

It's never a good idea to interrupt a discussion to change the music. Simply take out your smartphone, open the Control4 App, and you'll have immediate access to your streaming services. Straightforwardly, visual feedback provides artist and track information.

Wireless and wired keypads

They aren't only for lighting! The keypad is, in fact, one of the best methods to control your music. Your favorite station may be started in one room or across the home with just one touch. Instantly skip, stop, or adjust the volume with another touch.

Handheld remote control

The remote that controls your television and smart home also controls your music. With just a few quick button pushes, you can quickly start a playlist or channel in the family room.

For a multi-room audio installation near me, get in touch with Sound Sensations today. We can offer advice on the best whole-home audio installation for your needs that fits your budget perfectly. With a complete home audio setup, your audio system will work in tandem with your smart home lights, automation, and home theater system, and the modular nature of the system means you’re able to grow and expand it as you see fit.

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