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Lighting Control

Too long has lighting been considered just a utility in your home. It should be an integral part of your exterior and interior design as it shapes how each of the rooms of your home feels and how you will feel every day. Great lighting works harmoniously together with the architecture of your home and plays different roles at different times.


General lighting, or ambient lighting, illuminates your rooms from wall lamps and chandeliers. It improves the mood of the room and creates a bright, warm ambiance. Improper lighting makes a room feel cramped and gloomy.


Task lighting includes all the lights you need to efficiently complete the tasks you need to do. Whether reading a book, writing a novel, or playing games on your computer, the right task light is necessary for you to be the most efficient at what you’re doing.


Finally, accent light highlights the best parts of your interiors. You can use accent lighting to spotlight your favorite pictures or use halogen lighting to focus on your wonderful kitchen units and accessories. Stylish lamps and interesting ceiling lights can go a long way to enhance the feeling of your rooms.

Smart Lighting

With different lighting required to perform so many tasks, it begins to seem like it's impossible to do it all. You can’t run around your home all the time changing lighting settings as needs fit. This is where smart lighting comes in. Smart home devices can automate your lighting so it changes based on your mood and requirements.

For example, during the day you might want your home office lighting to be bright and functional. Later in the evening, it can morph into a comfortable home study automatically, with your smart lighting automating the lights that are on, their brightness, and even their color.

At the press of a button or with one word, you can switch the entire ambiance of a room. If you have guests coming over, your smart lighting can create a party atmosphere. When you press play on your home theater system, your lighting can dim to cinema levels, improving the atmosphere enormously. When you hit pause, the lights can automatically come back so you can see your way to the kitchen for some snacks.

Your House, Your Rules

One of the great things about smart lighting installation is you can choose the perfect setup for you. Would you like the lights of your kitchen or dining room to automatically engage when you enter the room and switch off when you leave? Do you prefer voice-activated lights, smart switches, control via your smartphone, or a mixture of all these options? How about smart lighting that automatically comes on when your car comes into the driveway or someone comes to the door?

Smart home lighting installed by Sound Sensations puts you in charge. Once you’ve set up your lighting installation, your home will be lit perfectly wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, almost as if it’s magic.

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