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Sound Damping
The Real Solution to Quiet Your Ride

Enhance Your Car Audio Installation at Sound Sensations

The noise from the road can sure be intrusive, especially while you’re trying to listen to music or get directions from your car stereo. If you’re tired of missing your turn because you can’t hear your GPS, it’s time to install sound damping for automobiles. So, what is it and how can Sound Sensations finally quiet your commute?


Where Does Road Noise Come From?

Noise that enters your interior from the outside usually comes from three sources: mechanical components in your vehicle, your tires, and wind. It might seem impossible to control these variables, but sound damping is the perfect way to remove road noise and enjoy your drive. Plus, our technicians at Sound Sensations know exactly how to install sound damping materials quickly and expertly.


Quiet Noise in Your Tires With Sound Damping in Your Floorboards 

When your tires hit the road, you can hear it! That’s because the only thing that separates you from the road is your thin floorboard. Adding sound damping material to the floors in your car not only quiets your ride, it also makes for a much more comfortable ride.


Sound damping material in your floor stops the squeaks, creeks, and rattles caused from your tires vibrating against the road. However, installing it can be difficult, because you need to custom fit the material. Call Sound Sensations when you’re ready to enhance your car audio installation with sound damping. Our experts have the tools and skills to install sound damping so flawlessly, you’ll wonder how you ever drove without it. 


Improve Your HVAC and Silence Outside Distractions

Car manufacturers are dedicated to making you happy, but they can’t provide all the little luxuries that make your car comfortable without making their vehicles much more expensive. That’s why you won’t find much insulation in the doors of your car, truck, or SUV.


When you add sound damping material to your doors, you’re deadening the noise from wind rushing past you and keeping your heating and cooling inside your automobile. With professional sound damping and car audio installation near you, your vehicle will look, sound, and feel incredible.


Finally, Hear Every Detail From Your Car Audio

You’ve spent a lot of time and money choosing the right car stereo amplifier, speakers, and subwoofers. Don’t let your effort go to waste by letting outside noise steal the show. Sound dampening from Sound Sensations improves your car audio installation, so you never miss a note in your favorite song, or a detail in your favorite podcast.


The best part about installing auto accessories from Sound Sensations is that you don’t have to upgrade your car audio all at once. Our professionals can customize a plan to help you replace and enhance your stereo component by component.


What Are the Best Sound Damping Products Available? 

We recommend installing MESA MAT sound damping products, because they are only designed to absorb sound and vibration from modern roads and highways. They offer products with specific applications, so Sound Sensations can completely customize sound damping installation to your vehicle. 

Are you ready to experience the most comfortable and quiet drive of your life? Then schedule an appointment for sound damping installation and Sound Sensations! Call us at (770) 429-1600 or contact us online, and we’ll get ready to customize your ride. Don’t forget to ask us about how we can improve your vehicle with auto accessories like car remote starts and LED lighting.

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