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OEM Integration
Precision Car Audio Near You

Match Your Factory Head Unit With a New Car Amplifier and Speakers


These days, newer vehicles come with some remarkable infotainment centers. It seems like you can get everything you need to enjoy your drive with just a tap on your screen. Except, extraordinary sound. Most factory car speakers just don’t have what it takes to provide enough detail for you to enjoy music the way you want to.


Upgrading your car audio means getting each individual component to flawlessly work together. That’s when you need expert OEM integration from Sound Sensations.


What Is OEM Integration?

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) integration refers to upgrading your vehicle’s speakers, subwoofers, or car amplifier, while keeping your factory head unit. The car audio in modern vehicles has become increasingly advanced, which means upgrading your system takes a lot more than hooking up a few wires. 


Each speaker is perfectly in tune with the electrical output of your factory head unit. When you want to upgrade your car audio system without changing your head unit, then you need a professional installer to integrate your new audio components in order for them to work properly. 


Each Speaker Needs Individual Attention

If OEM integration sounds complicated, it’s because it is! The first step to syncing your new car speakers, subs, or amp with your factory head unit measuring the electrical signal being sent to each one of your speakers. 


Even the most basic four-speaker audio system has custom equalization for each speaker. Without expert OEM integration, factory equalization will work against you when new speakers are installed. This could mean your nice, new speakers, subwoofers, or car stereo amplifier will sound worse than your factory setup. 


It’s essential we do this signal measurement before your custom car audio system is even designed. That’s because your installer needs to know how to compensate for factory equalization and adjust your new system for the best sound possible. 


Get OEM Integration You Can Count On

Even though vehicle manufacturers do everything they can to make car buyers happy, they still need to build their automobiles on a budget. This means most factory audio is only designed for people in the front seats to hear enjoyably through a center channel.


Reconfiguring your center channel to create a realistic soundstage throughout your entire vehicle with your new speakers takes experience and expertise that only the car audio installation at Sound Sensations can provide.


The Best Place For Car Audio Near You Is Sound Sensations!

Our technicians at Sound Sensations have spent countless hours expertly training in OEM integration. We know how to measure things like amplitude and phase, and frequency response, so the aftermarket speakers, subs, or car audio amplifier you want to install sound beyond incredible. 


We only carry the best tech in OEM integration, too! When you schedule your custom car audio installation, ask our installers about upgrading your amp with perfectly matched audio signals from SCOSCHE, AXXESS, or AAMP integration products. If you’re ready to design your drive with car audio installation from Sound Sensations, call us at (770) 429-1600 or contact us online.

Did you know that Sound Sensations does home technologies, too? We can install automated lighting, smart home lighting, whole house audio, and more! Let us bring your home into the future and talk to us about your smart home project today!

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