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How Would Batman Upgrade His Motorcycle Audio System?

Find Out What Upgrades Bruce Wayne Would Get for His Crime-Fighting Batcycle

Batman, also known as Bruce Wayne, isn’t a stranger to aftermarket upgrades and hi-tech gear. The Batmobile, Batcycle, and whatever other vehicles Bruce and his butler Alfred can come up with are basically everything you could want in a crime-fighting, car-chasing machine.

But what about audio? Surely Batman would want some tunes while chasing those iconic escapees of Gotham Asylum. And that brings up another question: what would Batman want to listen to? His own theme song? And which one? The 60s “da-na-na-na” theme? Something from one of the darker, new movies?

Regardless, at Sound Sensations we know how to outfit any citizen of Gotham or Marietta, Georgia with the right car, ATV, UTV, jetski, or motorcycle stereo system. But, if Batman in particular were to walk into our shop looking for motorcycle upgrades for his Batcycle, here’s how we’d help him: we’d offer him motorcycle audio system upgrades based on which villain he was fighting that day.

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What Motorcycle Audio System Would Batman Need for Trying to Catch The Joker?

If Batman started getting little knock-knock joke notes sent to Wayne Manor, tipping Batman off that perhaps The Joker was behind a series of crimes in Gotham, he’d need to take a ride out on his Batcycle at night to see what kind of trouble was brewing. The Joker can’t help but make himself known through some terrifyingly dark humor, so all Batman would need to do is cruise the streets, waiting for the next plot point. In the meantime, he’d probably need some tunes for his motorcycle stereo system.

As the leading experts in motorcycle audio near you, we’d recommend a Rockford Fosgate system, complete with speakers, amplifier, and subwoofer, as well as additional accessories to ensure the install is perfectly slick and caped-crusader-worthy.

Here’s Why We Recommend Rockford Fosgate When Batman’s in Pursuit of The Joker

  • The Rockford Fosgate setup is compatible with leading brands like Harley Davidson. If superior motorcycle brands can be outfitted easily with Rockford Fosgate’s motorcycle stereo system