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How Would Batman Upgrade His Motorcycle Audio System?

Find Out What Upgrades Bruce Wayne Would Get for His Crime-Fighting Batcycle

Batman, also known as Bruce Wayne, isn’t a stranger to aftermarket upgrades and hi-tech gear. The Batmobile, Batcycle, and whatever other vehicles Bruce and his butler Alfred can come up with are basically everything you could want in a crime-fighting, car-chasing machine.

But what about audio? Surely Batman would want some tunes while chasing those iconic escapees of Gotham Asylum. And that brings up another question: what would Batman want to listen to? His own theme song? And which one? The 60s “da-na-na-na” theme? Something from one of the darker, new movies?

Regardless, at Sound Sensations we know how to outfit any citizen of Gotham or Marietta, Georgia with the right car, ATV, UTV, jetski, or motorcycle stereo system. But, if Batman in particular were to walk into our shop looking for motorcycle upgrades for his Batcycle, here’s how we’d help him: we’d offer him motorcycle audio system upgrades based on which villain he was fighting that day.

What Motorcycle Audio System Would Batman Need for Trying to Catch The Joker?

If Batman started getting little knock-knock joke notes sent to Wayne Manor, tipping Batman off that perhaps The Joker was behind a series of crimes in Gotham, he’d need to take a ride out on his Batcycle at night to see what kind of trouble was brewing. The Joker can’t help but make himself known through some terrifyingly dark humor, so all Batman would need to do is cruise the streets, waiting for the next plot point. In the meantime, he’d probably need some tunes for his motorcycle stereo system.

As the leading experts in motorcycle audio near you, we’d recommend a Rockford Fosgate system, complete with speakers, amplifier, and subwoofer, as well as additional accessories to ensure the install is perfectly slick and caped-crusader-worthy.

Here’s Why We Recommend Rockford Fosgate When Batman’s in Pursuit of The Joker

  • The Rockford Fosgate setup is compatible with leading brands like Harley Davidson. If superior motorcycle brands can be outfitted easily with Rockford Fosgate’s motorcycle stereo system, then Batman would prefer it too.

  • Rockford Fosgate speakers are wind, dust, and debris-resistant, ensuring high-quality sound even if you’re moving at rip-roaring speeds. Batman often has to navigate his bike through explosions, car fires, and more, thanks to The Joker’s henchmen, so these are definitely the heavy-duty speakers we’d recommend, so he can continue listening to his jams - maybe heavy metal? - while in hot pursuit.

  • One of the classic moments from The Dark Knight occurs early in the film when Batman presses a button in his Batmobile that says “Intimidate.” What’s more intimidating for audio than a subwoofer for your motorcycle? Now Batman can boom that bass wherever he goes, rattling the teeth of the criminals of Gotham, including the Clown Prince himself, The Joker.

Rockford Fosgate Offers All This and More for Your Motorcycle Audio System

In addition to everything that Rockford Fosgate can provide for Batman, there’s even more when you’re looking for the best equipment for motorcycle audio near you. Sound Sensations can also offer accessories for any non-action hero’s motorcycle stereo system. In particular, we really like Rockford Fosgates efficient, heavy-duty audio products, as well as the Bluetooth capability for hands-off conversations. Come check us out in Marietta, Georgia, whether you’re in a cape or a Falcons jacket. We’re good with either one.

What Motorcycle Audio System Would Batman Need When Battling Catwoman?

This situation is a bit different. While the Joker is Batman’s archnemesis, Catwoman is more like the femme fatale he both loves and needs to watch out for at the same time. What does this mean? It means that Batman requires something that is going to both pump him up to fight crime, but also something sleek enough that he’ll impress his love interest - a person who in many ways is just like him.

For Batman’s motorcycle stereo system needs, Sound Sensations - the professionals for motorcycle audio near you - recommend pairing a Rockford Fosgate motorcycle audio system with Scosche’s sleek interfaces, dash kit, and wiring. It’s one thing to have the durability you need when you’re after a villain who throws everything and more in your path, but - when Batman skids his motorcycle to a stop and engages in a hate-you, love-you conversation with Catwoman, he’ll want to be sure she notices the seamless set up.

By pairing Rockford Fosgate with Scosche, you have state-of-the-art equipment as well as a state-of-the-art install, especially if you work with the right team for motorcycle audio near you. We think you’ll like it as well. Sound Sensations can choose the perfect motorcycle stereo system set up for you, and pair it with the recommended accessories, and you’ll be good to go. There’s nothing more efficient, affordable, and lasting than a professional install, so be sure to go that route. Otherwise, you’ll end up more like the villains than the hero.

What Other Audio Services Might Batman Want, Other Than a Motorcycle Audio System

At Sound Sensations in Marietta, Georgia, we can show Batman much more than just motorcycle stereo systems. We have plenty more for when he wants to add audio to nearly any vehicle.

  • His jetski can become a Batski with a booming marine audio system.

  • His UTV or ATV can become a … BatTV? … with lighting, audio, and more.

  • Even his Batboat can get outfitted with the latest audio upgrades at our shop.

No matter who you are - whether you’ve been out to do good on the mean streets of the city, or if you’re simply just looking for a fun time on the road, water, or out in the country, we’re the experts in motorcycle audio near you.

Everyone has at least one joker in their life that they’re ready to prove wrong, and at least one frenemy they’d love to impress. Call us at (770) 429-1600 or you can send us a quick message here. Or, you can simply ask the commissioner to flip the big light on and we’ll meet you up on the roof.

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