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Must-Have Upgrades for Your Sportbike: Tires, Sound, and Screen

Check Out These Audio Upgrades and More For the Ride of Your Life

If you’re the type of sportbike rider we think you are, you’re obsessively adding to your bike, making repairs and little tweaks, and even installing aftermarket upgrades to make sure your bike performs exactly how you like it - and maybe a little better than everyone else’s on the road.

If you’re in love with the thrill of riding a sportbike, we have the latest upgrades you crave. Here are some must-have upgrades we know our customers are looking for this fall, and plenty of information about audio upgrades near you through the professionals at Sound Sensations.

Start with Superior Tires

A sport bike is only as good as its tires, and you want to be able to tear out and show off a nice, well-practiced lean, handle your turns like a pro, and look good while riding. The market for tires has only expanded in recent years, so it’s a good idea to look at the following features when you’re aiming for an upgrade.

Think about the following criteria for each brand you research, and see if the manufacturer can meet your vision for your sport bike:

  • Does this company also manufacture racing tires? You want to be sure this upgrade is built by professionals who know speed.

  • Do these tires fit the action you want for your bike? Make sure you’re getting the right upgrade based on how you like to ride, including the type of terrain.

  • What do reviews say about the longevity of these tires? You don’t want to waste your money on tires that aren’t durable and strong.

  • Where are these tires made? If you’re a fan of Made-in-America products or a European racing model, you’ll want to know.

  • Can These Tires Support a Nice Lean Angle? Check reviews to see how effectively these tires are built for your jaw-dropping turns - if you think you’re going to need it.

An Audio Upgrade is a Powerful Way to Turn Your Bike into Something Special

Much like any UTV sound system, a sportbike stereo system is far more powerful and durable than most expect. Once you’ve been on a bike with a stereo unit most folks realize how important these can be..

Here are two companies you’ll run into when you’re working with us at Sound Sensations, the true experts in audio upgrades near you.

Rockford Fosgate Audio Upgrades

This well-known, high-end brand can connect you with the latest in aftermarket stereos, amps, speakers, and a source unit with the latest features so you can change the song, and the mood, with intuitive controls.

Here’s a top Rockford Fosgate product we’re recommending, which we can order for you when you work with Sound Sensations, the industry leader in bike and car audio installation.

  • A Serious New Amp Upgrade Small and compact, the Rockford Punch (400 Watt) is a 4-channel amp that offers clean, quality sound for an unexpectedly affordable price.

JL Audio’s Upgrades for Powersports

A familiar name in the powersports and sportbike audio field, JL has been upgrading all sorts of vehicles - land and water - with an understanding that drivers want to get rough and rugged while still wanting to ensure their music is loud and clear. You need to be able to hear your jams over the roar of the engine, and JL Audio has perfected this art.

This is our pick for JL Audio: it’s the classic SlamPak™ that sets you up with everything you need for an audio upgrade. These are compatible with sportbikes and UTV sound systems.

  • The SlamPak™ Does It All While there are a variety of options in the SlamPak™ family, the general idea is that you get the speakers, amp, and all the gear for wiring, set up, and control. It all comes packaged together, and gives you compact - but high-quality - sound for your bike.

Because we’re experts in any kind of boat, bike, or car audio installation, you can order a SlamPak™ for the fastest, most efficient audio upgrade near you. We know what we’re doing at Sound Sensations, and when our work is finished, we think you’ll be impressed by our technical knowledge and signature touch.

Last But Not Least, the Windscreen

Perhaps the easiest modification you can make on a sportbike is the windscreen. A windscreen, in our opinion, completes the upgrade package because the right one can look especially sleek on the right bike. Ducking behind a windscreen is a huge part of the iconic image of a biker flying down the road, and you want to look great while you’re also protecting yourself from wind, bugs, and even sun.

Windscreens are especially customizable and come in various shapes and materials, depending on the look you’re going for and the functions you need. You can also get them in various colors to match your bike perfectly.

Here are some considerations to make when looking for the perfect windscreen:

  • Aerodynamics Is this windscreen carefully designed for cutting through the wind?

  • Measurements: Does the manufacturer you love carry windscreens for your model?

  • Material: Are these superior windscreens, built to resist vibrations and cracking?

  • Functions: Do these screens offer tint and sun protection, if this is a requirement for your ride?

It is always important to get these questions answered and to do your research on a quality screen. Be careful choosing just anything online, as there are more options out there than we can even keep track of.

What we can keep track of is high-quality materials and upgrades for your vehicle, especially bike, boat, UTV, ATV, and car audio installation. But since we’re no stranger to the many types of gear our customers talk about when they come into the store, we can chat with you about anything bike-related and offer our expert suggestions.

This is turning out to be a good month for bikes and UTV sound systems, and we’re enjoying doing our inventory research and making sales on the latest features for satisfied customers.

Sound Sensations, Your Leader in Audio Upgrades, Can Help Upgrade Your Bike

When you’re looking for car audio upgrades near you for a UTV sound system, or for a bike, car, or any other vehicle on the sea or land, we’re your industry pros for all the aftermarket gear you can imagine.

We’re also masters of the fast, efficient, professional install, and our trained technicians can show you everything you need to know to make sure you’re maximizing each new feature.

We want you to enjoy your aftermarket bike or car audio installation for everything it’s worth, and we’re excited to build lasting relationships with you as our customer.

Give us a call at (770) 429-1600, or send us a quick message online, and we can turn your sport bike into the envy of Georgia with aftermarket audio upgrades and more.

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