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How Car Window Tinting Benefits Your Life

Invest in Car Window Tinting Services From Sound Sensations in Marietta, GA

U.S. drivers spend an average of 17,600 minutes driving each year - that’s about an hour every day. With so much of our time spent behind the wheel, it’s important to still give ourselves the same amount of care and attention as we do when we’re not driving.

So, how can you make your car safer, more comfortable, and more beneficial to your life? There’s a simple, affordable solution: car window tinting. This may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but adding window tint to your car transforms your driving experience and comfort.

Car Window Tinting Provides UV Protection

According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, UV exposure increases the risk of potentially blinding eye diseases if proper eye protection is not used. Overexposure to UV radiation can lead to serious health issues, including cancer.

Sunscreen is the main mode of UV protection, but there are other ways to protect yourself from these harsh rays. Professional car window tint is equivalent to SPF 285! That’s far more protection than you’ll wear daily and won’t wear off throughout the day like sunscreen does. This not only protects you while you’re in your car, but it also prevents fading of your car's interior upholstery and dashboard.

Car Window Tinting is Energy Efficient

Window tinting rejects up to 70% of solar heat, providing a cooler ride. In turn, you use your air conditioning less and you’ll burn less fuel.

During warmer months, your car’s air conditioning uses a significant amount of your car’s energy and fuel. The cooling effects of car window tint save you money on gas over time and provide a more energy efficient driving experience every time you get in your car.

Window tinting can reduce fuel consumption by at least 5%, according to one study by the American Energy Association. This could mean up to $100 per year, based on the average annual fuel expenses.

Get a Customized Look Using Car Window Tinting

While there are benefits to window tint that improve health and wellness, it also is a great way to show off your personal style. At Sound Sensations, we provide professional car window tinting services using Solar Gard window films. Window tint can range from virtually invisible to significantly darker. There are several options to choose from when you decide to get professional car window tinting:

  • Non-reflective films provide privacy, moderate heat control, and UV protection with a subtle, natural tint.

  • High-performance films provide all the benefits of non-reflective films, but with superior heat control. This film has a range of tint available, but tends to be darker to block the most UV rays and heat.

  • Ceramic films are the most premium films offered by Solar Gard. Using advanced ceramic materials, these films offer the coolest interior temperature and reject more than 99% of UV rays.

Sound Sensations professionally installs Solar Gard films and can help you decide which works best for your lifestyle.

Car Window Tinting Provides Privacy and Security

Tinted windows make it harder for onlookers to see into your car and ultimately provide more privacy than you’ll ever have with no window tint. If you have valuable items in your car, your tint will keep potential thieves from targeting your vehicle.

Car window tinting doesn’t just deter crime, it can also protect you during an accident. The film used for window tint helps hold shattered glass together and reduces the risk of glass shards causing injuries to you or your passengers.

Prevent Glare and Protect Your Eyes with Car Window Tinting

When your car windows are tinted, it reduces glare from the sun and oncoming headlights, making it easier and safer to drive, especially during dawn, dusk, or when the road is wet. This also helps with eye strain over time, as you’re not squinting due to the sun or bright lights. You’ll feel overall more comfortable and less tired while you drive.

Find Car Window Tinting Near You at Sound Sensations

Sound Sensations provides professional car window tint installation! We understand how important your vehicle is, so we take the utmost care to install your window tint perfectly. This is a precise process that requires a professional's hand and experience.

Are you ready to discover comfort, ease, and style with window tint? Reach out to our team or visit us in Marietta to get started!

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