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How These Car Safety Upgrades Could Have Saved Jurassic Park

dinosaur bones

Those Tour Jeeps Needed Upgrades at Sound Sensations in Marietta, Georgia

While Jurassic Park has brought thrills to countless movie-lovers everywhere, if you really think about it, a few key car safety decisions could have preserved the original Jurassic Park theme park for tourists everywhere to enjoy.

No lawyers or scheming IT employees would have been eaten (only goats and cows), there’d be no terrified children, and - in later movies - this beautiful island could have been spared destruction.

The ultimate prehistoric attraction could have thrived for years, but didn’t - because someone failed to book aftermarket car safety upgrades that Sound Sensations of Marietta, Georgia could have provided with ease.

The Car Safety Upgrades that Jurassic Park Overlooked

At Sound Sensations, we’re the experts in any car upgrade, including driver safety, and whenever we see trouble on silver screen or on the road, we quickly think of the aftermarket car safety upgrades that could have prevented many mishaps - including, of course, the attack of human-eating dinosaurs.

Jurassic Park character John Hammond - the man with the vision behind the theme park - really should have tapped Sound Sensations to do some fast, effective car safety upgrades on those tacky green, yellow, and red Ford Explorers, including dash cams, remote start and car alarm installation, and safety sensors. Fortunately, however, you can have our team of trained technicians install these features on your vehicle today.

Cameras and Sensors: Car Safety Upgrades to Protect You from Collisions (or T. Rex)

During the iconic scene in Jurassic Park when the power goes out on the electric fences and our heroes just so happen to have been stopped at the location where the T. Rex feeds, the installation of safety cameras and sensors on the vehicles could have easily helped our crew of adults and children make a run for it, notifying them of the presence of a giant dinosaur, long before the T. Rex drops the goat bone on the sunroof and breaks through the fence.

Think about how this could have played out for the better: alerted to the T. Rex with car safety features, our heroes could have avoided a long jungle journey and instead made it back to the base camp in time to discover the bad guy in the yellow raincoat trying to barrel through the gates with the dinosaur embryos, long before chaos ensued for the next 90 minutes.

While we might have missed out on the suspense of raptors hunting kids in the industrial kitchen, at least Jurassic Park would still be there for all to enjoy, saving countless lives lost to the jaws of dinosaurs.

At Sound Sensations, we’ve partnered with state-of-the-art manufacturers including Kenwood, iBeam, Voxx, and Echomaster to provide the latest selection of car safety cameras and collision sensors to protect any vehicle on the road. While we’re known for our dash cams, as well as remote start and car alarm installations, we offer even more car safety features to alert you to danger on all sides of your vehicle, including blind spot protection and backup cameras to provide you with a 360-degree view of what’s happening around you on the road.

Now, you can avoid a potential scratch or fender bender, which is the last thing you want to experience - especially when you’re driving the car of your dreams (or your escape vehicle from a terrifying reptile with very small arms, but decidedly large teeth).

Dash Cams, Remote Start, and Car Alarm Installation Tell the Full Story On the Road

A dash cam, or car alarm and remote start installation, would have been very helpful upgrades for those unfortunate Ford Explorer utility jeeps on Isla Nublar.

Here’s why: when the movie’s villain tries to escape the island with his Barbasol can of dino embryos, he might have been stopped from stealing one of these jeeps with a car alarm installation from Sound Sensations. Why these jeeps weren’t protected from this guy, we don’t know - but we do know that our technicians in Marietta, Georgia could have helped.

If a dash cam had been installed in one of these Jurassic Park utility jeeps, it would have told the story - in clear video - what this guy was up to. Dash cams are used in the real world for a variety of purposes, including documenting accidents on the road, so you can use these to tell your side of the story when needed.

And even if “Newman” did get one of these vehicles out on the road, our car security systems at Sound Sensations not only include car alarm installation, remote start, and keyless entry, but they can also help you track your vehicle’s location.

With these aftermarket car safety and security products from Sound Sensations, you can control your car from anywhere, keeping you warm in the winter, protecting your car from unwanted intruders, and even potentially making sure that no one gets off the island with precious dinosaur eggs.

Car Safety at Sound Sensations Helps You Avoid Major Situations - Dinosaurs or Not

For car safety and security, look no further than Sound Sensations, your experts in Marietta, Georgia for all aftermarket car audio equipment, home sound equipment, and more.

And if all this movie talk is making you crave a movie night at home, consider our home sound equipment, which brings theater-quality audio right into your living room.

Better yet, if images of outrunning a T. Rex in a jeep get you fired up to go off-roading, remember that Sound Sensations also does aftermarket upgrades for your powersports vehicles, including motorcycles.

Jurassic Park’s theme park aspired to provide safety and fun at the same time, but failed due to some overlooked key car safety features - including dash cams, as well as car alarm and remote start installation - that could have been expertly installed by our certified, highly-trained technicians.

Fortunately, you have the opportunity to enjoy your vehicle with our selection of car safety features, audio upgrades, and nearly every aftermarket product you can get for your vehicle.

Find out how Sounds Sensations can provide your professional auto upgrades today by sending us a message online or giving us a call in Marietta, Georgia at (770) 429-1600. Or, you can send us a quick message here, and we’ll make sure your car gets the Hollywood-star treatment you deserve - no raptors included.

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