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Motorcycle Brand Spotlight: Scosche and Rockford Fosgate®

Two of the Best Brands for Motorcycle Stereo Systems

At Sound Sensations, we love motorcycle audio. When you’ve got a luxury motorcycle out on the open road, having a quality motorcycle stereo system that offers you excellent sound quality of your favorite music, there’s nothing better.

When you search for audio installation near me, we hope you find Sound Sensations. We offer luxury motorcycle stereo options installed by a friendly team of professional audio technicians. Two of the top brands we offer motorcycle audio installation for are Scosche and Rockford Fosgate, and we’d like to tell you a little bit more about these brands here.


Scosche, the “#1 mount brand in USA and Canada”, started life in 1980 as a car audio installation company run from the owners’ garage. Now, it offers over 4,000 different products that make life easier for motorists.

Scosche is best known for its mounts. No matter the motorcycle brand you own, we can use Scosche mounts to install an outstanding audio system that’s secure and never in the way. With Scosche mounts in play, you can design your own motorcycle audio system with the features you love.

Scosche offers handlebar mounts, cell phone holders, amplifier wiring kits, camera mounts, pro fork stems, universal mounts, and splash covers.

Rockford Fosgate

Rockford Fosgate started in 1973 with an early frequency energizer, an EQ amplifier that added a bass boost and a treble boost, resulting in better sound reproduction. The PR-7000, which Rockford Fosgate showed at the 1973 Chicago Consumer Electronics Show, was one of the first pieces of electronics designed to fix the acoustic anomalies found in an automotive environment.

As it stands today, Rockford Fosgate develops audio devices for mobile, marine, motorsports, motorcycles, and OEM audio. Its ethos is power. You need an abundance of power in a car and motorcycle audio so the sound can be shaped into music just as the artists intended.

Rockford Fosgate motorcycle stereo systems give you cranked-up sound with a clear definition. This starts with the source unit that gives your bike the sound quality and controls you need.

Next, you must consider your speakers. Your bike is loud, so your speakers need to be louder. Pushing through the air are Rockford Fosgate speakers. Power speakers run from 5.25-inch full-range speakers for Tour-Paks to 6-inch x 9-inch full-range bag lid speakers. Rockford Fosgate offers speakers for Road Glide, Electra, Street Glide motorcycles too, that fit perfectly into your bike and enhance the audio experience no end.

Don’t forget the amp, too. Rockford Fosgate amps run from punchy 300-watt mono amps to 1,500-watt five-channel amps. They’re Element Ready, meaning they’re as rugged as any environment you go into. With IPX6 ratings, Rockford Fosgate amps are super durable and easy to adjust.

Harley-Davidson Stereo System Kits

Rockford Fosgate Harley-Davidson stereo systems are available as complete kits, so you can customize your vehicle with very little effort. Sound Sensations is here to perform the installation for you so you can get the absolute best audio that will increase the value of your vehicle.

Kits are available for most Harley-Davidsons dating back to 1998. You can choose saddlebag audio kits or kits made especially for your Harley-Davidson model. Road Glide motorcycles, for example, can be kitted out with a new two-speaker, 400-watt high-performance audio system with 6.5-inch fairing speakers. Should you wish, you can expand that to four speakers with two channels in the fairing and two in the TourPak or saddlebags. You have the option of a DSR1 digital signal processor for even more control over your audio output.

Rockford Fosgate Harley-Davidson stereo systems for the Road Glide Ultra and Electra Glide Ultra Classic have at least four speakers paired to a 400-watt audio system. Choose a Stage 3 system, and you upgrade to a whopping six speakers, still driven by a 400-watt amp. In the six-speaker system, you get two speakers in the fairing, two for the TourPak, and two for the saddlebags. Speakers are between 6.5-inches and 6.9-inches.

All Harley-Davidson motorcycle stereo systems from Rockford Fosgate come with a generous two-year warranty. We recommend professional installation of your preferred motorcycle audio kit by Sound Sensations in Atlanta. We’re able to retrofit your Harley-Davidson with a high-quality audio system from Rockford Fosgate or build you the ultimate motorcycle audio system of your choosing. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can make your motorcycle audio dream a reality.

Motorcycle Audio Installation near Atlanta, GA

When you’re ready to pump up the jams on the road, stop by Sound Sensations in Marietta. Our team of product experts and installation technicians can help you find the motorcycle speakers that are best suited for your bike. Contact us today, or just stop by!

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