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Upgrading Your Motorcycle's Sound

Up the tempo of the road with a great motorcycle sound system

The sound of your motorcycle’s roaring engine is usually a joy to hear, but sometimes you also want to listen to your favorite tunes, loud and proud. Motorcycle stereo systems are a great upgrade for your bike, particularly if you have a larger ride like a Harley-Davidson.

Sound Sensations offers a great range of motorcycle audio solutions, and we perform installations, too.

Professional installation is recommended

Motorcycle stereo and motorcycle speakers typically come in kits that make it possible to install them yourself. Though we sell these kits, we recommend that we perform the installation for you. This ensures the sound is perfectly balanced and the motorcycle audio system is secure.

Motorcycle audio kits usually have quite a lot of wiring between all the component parts. Professional installation ensures this wiring is hidden and secure. Ultimately, it means that your audio system will last longer if it’s installed professionally, as it won’t be as affected by wear and tear.

Audio systems that withstand the elements

There’s a big difference between car audio systems and motorcycle audio systems. Generally, your motorcycle will be exposed to the elements, so the electronics need to be able to deal with rain, sleet, snow, and sun.

Consider also that an audio system needs to overcome the sound of wind, exhaust, and road sounds, something that an internal audio system doesn’t have to contend with.

Another challenge for motorcycle audio systems is space. In a vehicle, you have ample room to hide electronic systems behind the dashboard. On a bike, space is at a premium, and you don’t want your new audio system to ever get in the way.

Harley-Davidson motorcycle audio systems

You can replace the factory head unit of your Harley-Davidson with a more powerful version that gives you more control. Typically, you’re looking at a two- or four-speaker system, depending on the model, with an output of 400 watts or higher. The new system can include Bluetooth streaming, USB and AUX inputs, a digital radio tuner, and support for Pandora.

If you pair this with a 400-watt amplifier, you have enough power to overcome the wind, engine, and road noise up to 75 mph.

Installation kits typically include mounting brackets, an external heat sink, speakers, and all the required wiring.

Rockford Fosgate motorcycle audio systems in GA

One of our preferred brands for motorcycle audio is Rockford Fosgate. It’s a company that’s been making audio components for cars, bikes, and off-road vehicles for upwards of 35 years. We like that the audio systems are well tailored to vehicles, making for components that offer great sound while being highly durable.

If you have a Harley-Davidson, Rockford Fosgate audio systems sound great. Electraglide, Street Glide, and Road Glide Harleys are all supported. This includes front audio, upper speakers, lower speakers, bag lig speakers, and tour-pak speakers.

Of course, there’s more to great motorcycle sound than speakers. Also, consider the amplifier. Rockford Fosgate amplifiers are compact and sturdy and come in mono and multi-channel varieties.

Finally, Rockford Fosgate has engineered excellent supports, mounts, and accessories for your new motorcycle speaker system so it looks great and never gets in the way. You can connect your phone to the speaker system through Bluetooth, allowing you to blast any tunes you wish or even have conversations.

Scosche motorcycle speakers in GA

Another top brand we love for motorcycle audio is Scosche. We particularly like Scosche’s mounts that ensure your new accessories stay perfectly in place no matter how rough the terrain. We recommend Scosche audio accessories if you’re heading off-road, as the super-sturdy mounts keep your electronic gear secure and protected.

Of course, we also carry other motorcycle sound system brands so we can cater to your exact needs. As a professional installer with decades of experience, Sound Sensations should be your first choice in the GA area.

Sound Sensations

Get in touch with us today for your motorcycle audio and motorcycle audio installation needs. You’ll find up at 337 Cobb Parkway South in Marietta, GA. We’re open Tuesday to Saturday, 9 AM to 6 PM.

Besides speakers for motorcycles and top audio systems, we also offer financing options to make payment a breeze. Stop by and see us today to start creating the ride of your dreams!

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