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Let the Experts Hand-Pick Your Car Stereo Equipment

technician installing car speaker

Today, We’re Listening to Our Customer’s Questions About Car Stereo Installation

You asked, and we answered. We’ve been getting many questions recently about getting all your car stereo equipment selected by professionals - and we thought these questions were so interesting and important that we wanted to share them with you.

The questions started coming in all the way from Atlanta, from customers in Marietta, and many other locations across the metro. We think we’re hearing so much about this selection process, because they’re one of the latest trends in the car stereo system industry today. So, we definitely understand the need to have clarity on what this method really offers.

Sound Sensations - the leading audio installation experts near you - can hand-pick and professionally install everything you need for an excellent car audio system. It’s simple. However, given all the recent curiosity, we’re reprinting word-for-word the questions we’ve received about this method of choosing car stereo equipment.

Our First Hand-Picked Car Stereo System Question Comes Out of Our Hometown: Marietta, Georgia

“Hey, guys: I like the idea of getting my equipment hand-picked, but I’m worried that when you go for something like this you’re at the mercy of the professional. How do I know who to trust?”

Our Sound Sensations Response:

“First of all, thanks for the question. Whether it’s a car stereo with Bluetooth compatibility for any vehicle on four wheels, or for your marine and powersports toys, we’ve got you covered, worry-free. That’s why we can tell you right now that everything we would select for your car stereo is state-of-the-art. You’ll only get the best at your price-point - as we only recommend products from the brands we love, ranging from Pioneer, to Kenwood, to JL Audio.

We’re partners with all of the brands we service, and can do expert car stereo installations on any of their products. You can even come into the store if you need more recommendations. But the main point is this: we only hand-pick equipment from the brands we trust, and everything you’re going to get from us for your car stereo is going to be worth your time.

Our 2nd Hand-Picked Car Stereo System Question Comes Out of the ATL, and It’s a Tough One:

“Sound Sensations! Hey, I’ve heard about your car stereo business online, and I’m thinking about coming in to get some recommendations. I wonder, though: why do I need car stereo installation if I can just take it home and do it myself. Can’t I get a guy who knows a guy to do it for me? Actually - can’t I just DIY it on the weekend?”

Our Sound Sensations Response:

“Thanks for this question! First, we’re glad you thought of us, as we’re a local car stereo shop in Marietta, but we love hearing from folks all over the metro, especially Atlanta. So, to answer your question: what we like to say is that if you aim for a DIY installation, you’re only going to be able to talk to one technician: yourself.

When you get an expert install from a trained professional who knows that car stereo equipment inside and out, you’ll get excellent support and technical service to make sure your car stereo installation goes perfectly. Hope to see you soon!”

Our 3rd Hand-Picked Car Stereo System Question is from a Long-Time Car Audio Fan in Alpharetta

“Dear Sound Sensations, I always feel like with other car stereo companies, they try to sell you a lot of extra car stereo system parts that you won’t actually use. What’s the story? I don’t want to pay more than I should.”

Our Sound Sensations Response:

“Hey, we hear you. Many of our competitors who sell bundles and packages like to throw in a lot of extras to make it seem like you’re getting a good deal, but it’s nothing relevant to an excellent car stereo system, which really just needs your classic basics to get your audio where you want it to be. From there, you can upgrade with more equipment, but anything that isn’t a console, speakers, subwoofer, and amplifiers, as well as wiring and other installation tools, is nothing worth worrying about.

Stick with what you know you need - and stick with us. When you work with us, everything we choose for you is relevant and makes sense as to why you’d install it. Even if it does seem like an extra, such as a car stereo with Bluetooth compatibility, that’s something you’d actually use, so it’s an add-on that does make sense. Otherwise, with our equipment, there are no gimmicks, so you know you’ll be getting a good deal that actually gives you great quality. Take care!”

Our 4th and Final Hand-Picked Car Stereo System Question Comes from Sandy Springs

“Hey, big fan here, because I’ve heard you do marine and powersports, and I’m a huge ATV and boat guy. Anyway, why get a car stereo system with all the best equipment, when you can get one really good Bluetooth car stereo console installed and skip the rest?”

Our Sound Sensations Response:

“Glad to hear you’re a fan of the outdoors! We’re always offering great deals on boat, ATV, and UTV audio installation right near you - Marietta isn’t too far at all - so feel free to come check us out, if you’re looking for upgrades and installs for your toys.

To answer your question, we totally get it. A great car stereo that’s bluetooth-compatible might only need the basics, but it depends on what you’re looking for. If you want high-quality sound, you’re going to need to upgrade your speakers, and consider other items like subs and amps, too.

Think about it like this, since you’re a boat fan: you can’t spend big on the hull’s craftsmanship, but underspend on the motor. You’ll just have something nice to look at that can’t perform on the water the way you want it to. At Sound Sensations, a car stereo system is picked for you so that your install gives you exactly what you’re looking for: all-around, high-quality sound. Thanks for asking!”

We’re the Car Stereo Experts Who Provide Top-Quality Audio Installation Near You

At Sound Sensations, we hope you can see what our customers are concerned about, and how we’ve answered their questions, so they can feel excited and confident about their car stereo system installation.

The car audio products we recommend don’t have any gimmicky extras, they’re made by excellent manufacturers, and they never short you on anything, even though the price is extremely affordable.

What’s more, if you stick with Sound Sensations - the leading audio installation team near you - everything we can offer you will be optimized by our technicians to make sure you get the best installation available to you.

Have more questions? Give us a call anytime at (770) 429-1600, or send us a quick message here. We’d love to hear how we can help make sure your vehicles get the best treatment in the state of Georgia.

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