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How Santa’s Son Kris, Jr. Hooked Up His Pops with Smart Lighting Installation and More

There’s Nothing Like Coming Back from a World Tour to a Fully-Stocked Smart Home System

You’ve probably never heard of Santa’s son before, and that makes sense. Santa has worked diligently to keep his family out of the limelight. Unlike celebrities who post every minute of their kids’ lives on Instagram, Santa likes to keep things private out of respect for his children. That’s why he lives in the North Pole after all - to get away from all of the attention he gets from right after Thanksgiving through December 25th.

This year, his son Kris, Jr. has a plan. While Santa is busy in the workshop and on his tour around the world taking care of his one big job, he’s going to hook up Santa’s living room with all the smart technology he can find, so that his dad can take a few months off enjoying the ultimate comforts of home entertainment during the coldest time of the year.

Here’s what Kris Jr. is doing for Santa this year as a surprise. Maybe you could emulate him and try something similar for the special person in your life, so that when they wake up in the morning on the holiday you celebrate, your home will be outfitted with the very best that Sound Sensations of Marietta, Georgia has to offer.

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Kris, Jr. Heads to Georgia for Smart Lighting Installation and Other Smart Home Installation Products

Don’t judge him just yet, but Kris, Jr. has to take his dad’s private jet to Marietta, Georgia to get all the gear he needs. Fortunately, no one is tracking his use of jet fuel and carbon because no one really knows about Kris. You can blame his wasteful jet-flying practices on some other celebrity, because as far as everyone knows, Kris, Jr. doesn’t exist!