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How Santa’s Son Kris, Jr. Hooked Up His Pops with Smart Lighting Installation and More

There’s Nothing Like Coming Back from a World Tour to a Fully-Stocked Smart Home System

You’ve probably never heard of Santa’s son before, and that makes sense. Santa has worked diligently to keep his family out of the limelight. Unlike celebrities who post every minute of their kids’ lives on Instagram, Santa likes to keep things private out of respect for his children. That’s why he lives in the North Pole after all - to get away from all of the attention he gets from right after Thanksgiving through December 25th.

This year, his son Kris, Jr. has a plan. While Santa is busy in the workshop and on his tour around the world taking care of his one big job, he’s going to hook up Santa’s living room with all the smart technology he can find, so that his dad can take a few months off enjoying the ultimate comforts of home entertainment during the coldest time of the year.

Here’s what Kris Jr. is doing for Santa this year as a surprise. Maybe you could emulate him and try something similar for the special person in your life, so that when they wake up in the morning on the holiday you celebrate, your home will be outfitted with the very best that Sound Sensations of Marietta, Georgia has to offer.

Kris, Jr. Heads to Georgia for Smart Lighting Installation and Other Smart Home Installation Products

Don’t judge him just yet, but Kris, Jr. has to take his dad’s private jet to Marietta, Georgia to get all the gear he needs. Fortunately, no one is tracking his use of jet fuel and carbon because no one really knows about Kris. You can blame his wasteful jet-flying practices on some other celebrity, because as far as everyone knows, Kris, Jr. doesn’t exist!

Taking a jet from the North Pole is a great opportunity to browse Sound Sensations’ website to figure out what smart home system products to get his dad. He also has to figure out how to schedule smart home installation. So, he goes online while in-flight and checks out the Sound Sensations’ website. You can imagine Kris, Jr. right? Basically he looks like Santa, but with a dark beard, tattoos, and a much younger face. He’s basically a bearded outdoorsman-slash-hipster who looks like he’ll eventually make a good Santa one day when the torch is passed.

Then again, his dad has been making children who celebrate Christmas happy since before the tectonic plates were formed, so it may be awhile. Either way, Kris, Jr. is definitely going to impress his dad with his inborn holiday spirit by surprising him with a complete smart home installation.

Here’s the comprehensive smart home system products Kris, Jr. finds on the Sound Sensations website:

“Perfect,” Kris, Jr. thinks. “I’m all set. Not only can I hook my dad up with the ultimate home entertainment system, but I can include quite a few items that will make him feel safe and cozy all year.”

Why Santa Needs Smart Lighting Installation, Smart Security, and a Smart Thermostat

Now that TikTok exists, there are far too many viral challenges out there, like this one that drives Santa crazy: “Go to the North Pole and make a TikTok of yourself ringing Santa’s doorbell with a DoorDash hat on and antlers on top of it, and when Santa answers the door say, ‘Your Dasher has arrived - get it? Your Dasher?”

Sounds like a complete waste of time, right? Because of this, Kris, Jr. thinks that Santa would benefit from Sound Sensations of Marietta, Georgia to help him select a security system he can monitor from his phone, which sends alerts when there’s activity outside the door.

Additionally, he can control his Swiss chateau-slash-Christmas workshop lighting to set the mood when he needs to. For instance, he’ll likely use the touch of a button on his smartphone to keep the smart lights low-key and dim while his family and the elves rest post-Christmas. What’s more, with a smart thermostat he can control the temperature. This way he can make the temperature cozy and warm while they all settle in for a long hibernation.

Then, one morning in July, Santa will wake up from his slumber, press the buttons on his phone that control smart lights and his smart thermostat, and he’ll activate bright, cheery light everywhere in the house, and turn the temperature super cold to wake up the elves and get them going on the next year of gifts (Santa’s workplace culture efforts need some work, we know). But, hey, it’s going to be a busy, hi-tech year preparing for Christmas because basically every kid under ten wants a phone and a podcast mic, so they can become viral toy unboxers. Yikes.

Fortunately, Sound Sensations can handle smart home installation for security, smart light products, and a smart thermostat. Now, Santa can enjoy home entertainment in peace thanks to these superior technical services. With that in mind, here’s what Kris, Jr. is going to select for his dad’s smart home system’s entertainment features.

Smart Home Entertainment Features: Even More Fun than Smart Lighting Installation

Let’s get to the exciting features that Kris, Jr. is going to select for his dad’s living room. After identifying how he can get efficient, effective smart home installation for a thermostat, lighting, and security, Kris Jr. gathers together a list of smart home system products for Santa’s entertainment after he finishes visiting the entire world on his sleigh.

On the Sound Sensations website, Kris, Jr. finds the following items:

Not only is Santa going to have control over protecting his house from wild TikTokers with their terrible DoorDasher joke, and making sure the elves get cozy with dim lighting and a warm house thanks to his smart home system’s lighting and thermostat features, but now Santa will be able to chill in his living room and binge whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

Sound Sensation’s home theater products include immersive technology including smart lights that dim when a movie begins, a complete surround-sound audio system, and large projector screens, so that he can really feel like he’s there with The Real Housewives of Atlanta, The Walking Dead, and Bulldogs football (Santa loves everything Georgia - it’s his favorite state - so that’s another reason he’ll be proud of his son when he finds out he went all the way to Sound Sensations in Marietta, Georgia for his smart home system products, including smart lights, as well as expert, seamless smart home installation).

Now, let’s find out what Santa thinks when he returns from his world tour and sees the gifts.

Reaction Reveal: What Santa Thought of Kris, Jr.’s Gift of Smart Lighting Installation and More

Kris, Jr. just can’t help getting a reaction video from Santa when he sees the presents, so he sets up his camera in the living room. He has cookies and milk set out for Santa in a living room that’s been completely transformed into a home theater. He also has Santa’s phone out on the coffee table with some simple instructions, so that Santa can practice using his smart home system’s thermostat, smart lights, and security features.

Here’s what Kris, Jr. records:

Santa enters the room in his UGA football pajama pants and t-shirt, completely changed out of his Santa gear. He looks exhausted, but cheery as always. He looks around, and this is what he says on camera:

“Ho, ho, holy moly, what is this? A ho, ho, home theater and smart home system, complete with thermostat, smart lighting, and security? Kristopher, Jr.! I am shocked! Did you arrange this smart ho, ho, home installation yourself?”

Kris, Jr. just smiles, and Santa tries out his products. Using Sound Sensations’ whole-home audio system, he blasts the theme song to The Real Housewives of Atlanta throughout the entire chalet. He turns the heat up to a very cozy temperature and props his feet up on the coffee table. Suddenly, there’s an alert on his phone. It’s two Gen Z’s in DoorDasher hats with their phones ready to go! Kris, Jr. shows Santa how to lock the door, and turn on the outside smart lights to give his home more visibility and protection.

Then, Santa sits and enjoys approximately 400 hours of The Real Housewives starting with Atlanta, of course, but moving through all of the cities while his elves sleep off another challenging Christmas. Mrs. Claus joins Santa on the couch, and they cuddle sweetly. Kris, Jr. stands beaming with pride. He has done well for his pops, thanks to Sound Sensation’s smart home systems and smart home installation, including superior smart lights.

Want to surprise someone special in your life for any holiday you celebrate during this festive time of year? Our smart lighting installation and more is available now at Sound Sensations, your source for all things home and car audio - and much more - in Marietta, Georgia. Give us a call anytime at (770) 429-1600, or send us a quick message here. Happy holidays!

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