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Are Radar Detectors Worth It?

police man holding police radar detector

How Police Radar Detectors Can Protect You On The Road

You might recognize the sight - an officer standing just off from the road, holding up a radar gun as cars pass by. This often is hard to spot until it’s too late and you don’t have time to slow down. We obviously believe in obeying traffic laws and speed limits, however, having a radar detector can help you monitor your speed, slow down, and keep you out of a sticky situation with the police.

A radar detector is an electronic device that can be installed in your vehicle to detect if your speed is being monitored by law enforcement using a radar gun. Radar detection is a controversial topic - some states and countries ban the use of police radar detectors entirely. But with continually growing technology, radar detectors can do more now than ever before.

How Do Police Radar Guns Work?

Law enforcement radar guns are a combination of a radio receiver and transmitter. The transmitter sends an electrical current upwards and downwards at a certain frequency, creating an electromagnetic energy wave. Subsequently, this wave calculates the estimated speed of a vehicle in motion, which is also known as the Doppler effect.

Law enforcement is aware of the use of radar detectors, and radar gun technology is always advancing to try and get ahead of it. Luckily, radar detectors manage to stay one step ahead.

How Do Police Radar Detectors Work?

Radar detectors use radar that detects police using radar guns. The way these detectors work is they detect radio waves the radar guns emit. Similar to that of a radio receiver, it picks up the close-by frequencies and notifies the driver before they come within close proximity with law enforcement.

These frequencies are on wavelengths that exist on different bands. Each band is a little different, and the accuracy of the radar detector depends on the compatibility of the radar gun and radar detector. There are radar detectors that can reach all of these bands and some that only hit a few.

How Effective Are Police Radar Detectors?

Radar detectors will never be 100% accurate; however, they are extremely effective in detecting law enforcement radars. It’s also important to note that police radar detectors will only detect the nearby radar gun. Ultimately, you are responsible for adjusting your speed.

In terms of range, a high-quality radar detector should detect police radar from miles away. Rain or shine, this device will notify you of law enforcement presence before it’s too late. If you’re not investing in a quality radar detector, it may be useless to you. A lower quality detector may not notify you until you’ve already been scanned by police’s radar guns.

As technology evolves, police are using laser guns to deter radar detectors. Luckily, detectors have also advanced, and many now have features that block and detect laser guns as well. These added features boost radar detector functionality while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

How to Learn More About the Best Radar Detectors On The Market

ESCORT is a reputable brand of high-quality radar detectors. These detectors are incredibly advanced when compared to a basic-level radar detector. You can learn more about radar detectors via your local car audio shop.

A popular model for the high-tech enthusiasts is the ESCORT Redline 360c. With advanced technology and innovative features, this stealthy device provides drivers with safety and security. When using this police radar detector for your car, you get optimal protection. With a three antenna design, it provides two times the amount of range and coverage. Like many advanced models, the Redline 360c has GPS technology built into the radar detector, allowing the system to learn routes and detect false alerts.

The ESCORT Max 3 is a budget-friendly option for those who don’t want anything too flashy, but want the reliability of a good detector. This simple, accessible model is one of the best radar detectors on the market. With built-in GPS and in-vehicle filtering technology that reduces false alerts, drivers can depend on this radar detector. Plus, it easily connects to the most popular navigation apps for extra driver awareness!

How to Get A Police Radar Detector Installed

Drivers who are interested in a police radar detector are encouraged to contact their local auto electronics retail facility to compare models and get professional installation. Ensuring the radar detector is properly installed saves time and money in the long run.

Detectors can range from high-tech models with tons of features to a simple, reliable system.

Overall, the market’s best radar detectors will likely pay for themselves when considering the traffic citations that will be avoided.

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