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What Is Sound Damping?

How Car Sound Deadening Installation Can Improve Your Driving Experience

sound damping installation

No one likes hearing the loud sounds of traffic flying by while they’re driving. But what if you could have a truly quiet, comfortable drive? What if your music or podcast were never interrupted by unwanted noises?

Sound damping is often referred to as sound dampening and sound deadening. Really, what all of these phrases mean is that material is added to the floors, doors, trunk, and other areas of a vehicle to reduce the amount of excess sound.

Have you ever heard your tires hitting the ground? Or maybe your car’s rattling sounds completely drowns out your GPS just when you need it the most? Metal paneling can rattle in your car’s undercarriage and is one of the main sources of excess noises in your car. Your vehicle doors can also produce rattling sounds. This, on top of wind and traffic sounds, creates a symphony of unwanted noises in your car. Sound damping removes these noises and creates a more peaceful, enjoyable ride.

How Does Sound Damping Work?

Sound dampening for your car controls the levels of vibration and rattling you feel in your car. Instead, the damping materials absorb all of the excess noise. These materials are made from acoustic foams, staple fibers, adhesives, and other materials.

Whether you use your car for leisure activities, daily commutes, or long trips, sound damping can benefit everyone. A vehicle is typically one of the most expensive things someone owns, so it’s best to invest in making a quality experience every time you drive.

Deadening materials are installed in your vehicle’s door panels, pillars, roof, and floor. These are the places with the most vibration, so the material absorbs the noise before you hear it. This not only eliminates excess noise, but it also enhances the quality of your car’s sound system. Don’t let those expensive stereo upgrades go to waste! Hear them at their very best quality with sound damping.

Do I Need Sound Damping in My Car?

Sound damping is a great investment for your car - it’s affordable and long-lasting, and you’ll notice a difference immediately. Benefits of sound damping include:

  • Better sound

  • Excellent insulation that keeps your car cooler in summer or warmer in winter

  • No vibration

  • Easy to install

These materials pair best with other car audio features as well. If you have an amplifier, subwoofer, or other stereo upgrades, you’ll want sound damping material to get the most out of each feature.

Sound deadening materials are not something you want to cheap out on - there are different styles of materials, but it’s best to invest in long-lasting materials you know will perform well. This is an investment for years to come, as opposed to mediocre materials you’ll likely want to replace much sooner.

Sound dampening your car also works as thermal insulation. This will keep your AC from working too hard, as you will be arguably warmer with the thick foam insulation. Your AC will function much more effectively overall and save you money in the long run.

So do you need sound damping in your car? Most vehicles benefit greatly from installing damping mats, so our answer is a resounding yes.

What Are The Best Sound Damping Materials?

There are plenty of sound damping products available, but one of the most recommended is the MESA MAT sound deadening material. Installers love this material, as it is easy to cut and shape for custom installs. MESA MAT works best with today’s road sounds without deadening important noises you need to hear in your vehicle.

These sound damping materials are easy to customize to your vehicle and have an automotive grade aluminum layer to protect the foam material. MESA MAT materials for sound dampening are lightweight - you don’t need to worry about your car feeling any different or straining under the weight. You won’t notice, except for the better audio!

How Is Sound Damping Material Installed?

Installation requires delicate application skills, so the DIY method is not ideal. You might see people attempt to install their own sound deadening materials, but this can be risky. It may not function the way you imagine. Plus, for best results, all materials need to be perfectly measured to your vehicle without interfering with reassembly after the mats are applied.

The price of sound deadening materials will vary based on the size of your vehicle and the extent to which you add damping mats,, which is why professional installation and assessment is needed. Avoid making detrimental mistakes and get professional car sound deadening installation for your vehicle!

Find Car Damping Near You

Car sound deadening installation can be performed by a car audio retailer near you. Schedule time to see how car damping materials can be customized to your vehicle, and you’ll be riding with clear, uninterrupted audio in no time. Once you have sound damping, you won’t know how you lived without it before!

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