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Rear Seat Entertainment Options for Your Ride Share Car

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Take Your Business to The Next Level with This Aftermarket Car Upgrade at Sound Sensations in Marietta, GA

The ride share industry has boomed in recent years. To better serve their passengers, drivers have come up with all kinds of unique features to elevate their vehicles. Ratings and reviews help boost a driver’s profile and earn extra perks, including access to advanced levels of service with higher rates.

Drivers can also receive rewards from their ride share company when they have an overall high rating, such as discounts on fuel and vehicle repairs. So, your ratings are good, but you want them to be great. What can you add to your vehicle to give your riders excellent service? This is where rear seat entertainment comes into play!

Why It’s Time To Invest in a Rear Seat Entertainment System

While some vehicles come with rear seat entertainment systems built-in, most cars don’t have them by default. Luckily, it’s not difficult to integrate them, nor is it as expensive as you may think. Rear seat entertainment systems are available in a range of prices that can suit nearly any budget. Regardless of what kind of model you might choose, the addition of rear seat entertainment can elevate your car and give customers a positive experience in your rideshare vehicle.

So, where do you go from here? How do you decide what system will work best for you? At Sound Sensations, we’re experts in car accessories and aftermarket upgrades. As one of the best auto retailers in the Atlanta metropolitan area, we only offer the very best options for rear seat entertainment. We’re happy to help you discover which system is the ideal fit for your budget, vehicle, and technology needs.

Universal Seat Back Rear Seat Entertainment Systems

Universal seat back systems come in many shapes and sizes. They are the most affordable upgrade option, as they don’t require in-depth customization like some rear seat entertainment systems. They use standard, entry-level screens that function through HDMI inputs and DVD players. These are what we traditionally imagine when it comes to TVs for cars. As technology has advanced, there are even more universal systems to choose from!

The next step up are dual-screen systems, which are more advanced in terms of resolution and features. These multi-touch panels have everything in a traditional rear seat entertainment system with some added bonuses, like Wi-Fi connectivity and built-in memory so you can download offline content from your favorite apps. The screen is controlled via smartphone app and can connect to external systems using an HDMI cable. It’s easy and intuitive to use, ensuring that your passengers are pleased with their backseat entertainment.

Overhead Rear Seat Entertainment Systems

When rear seat entertainment first arrived on the scene, overhead systems were most common. Vans and oversized SUVs often incorporated them - a huge perk for parents with children who need in-car entertainment to keep them occupied. The system includes a simple drop down screen that’s so user-friendly a kid can use it. With rideshares often being shorter trips, a system like this one is easy to navigate for any passenger.

A great feature of these systems is their ability to connect to any wireless headphones, so while your passenger enjoys a movie or show, you can focus on the road without any distractions. A new overhead system includes the ability to connect to your favorite apps and also has a built-in DVD player. When not in use, you can protect the screen and discreetly close it.

Custom Headrest Rear Seat Entertainment Systems

Are you looking for something that really stands out? Or a unique way for riders to really remember you? A custom headrest system might be the perfect option. This type of rear seat entertainment system allows you to customize how you want your system to look. Installation professionals will perfectly match your headrest system to the correct color, material, grain pattern, stitching, and piping of your vehicle. This creates a seamless and consistent look that makes any vehicle feel luxurious.

These are more than just TVs for your car - the advanced technologies and elegant attention to detail completely elevates the passenger experience. Sound Sensations will walk you through the customization process, assist in picking the right dimensions, and install everything with ease.

Are You Ready To Get Your Rear Seat Entertainment System Installed?

Stand out in the sea of other drivers with a backseat experience unlike anyone else! If this sounds like the right upgrade for you, talk to our team. With decades of experience and a highly rated installation team, we are pros in helping connect customers with the best products for their vehicles. Get five stars on every ride with a rear seat entertainment system from Sound Sensations!

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