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Prioritizing Safety With a Home Security System

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How Sound Sensations Can Help You Protect Your Property With Home Security Cameras and More

The top priorities on every homeowners’ mind is safety and security. Our homes should be places of sanctuary - where we can rest, relax, and experience ultimate comfort separate from life on the other side of our front door.

According to statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), however, a burglary happens roughly every 26 seconds. So without a home security system in place, it can be difficult to feel properly protected from some of the dangers of the outside world.

At Sound Sensations, we provide expert home security system installation that adds to your peace of mind and proactively keeps your home - and its belongings - safe. Keep reading to learn about all the unique ways we can help you better protect your property.

Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras are some of the best tools for monitoring your property and deterring criminals. If an individual up to no good around your house spots a camera, they’re more likely to stop in their tracks. Most breaks-ins occur because a trespasser saw an easy opportunity. A home security camera significantly increases the difficulty of them not getting caught, so they’re less likely to take the risk.

Our security cameras for your home record video that can be viewed at any time and from anywhere thanks to smartphone compatibility. You’ll even receive text alerts related to certain actions, so you can always stay in the know about what’s happening around your home

Smart Technology

Whether you’re at work, out with family and friends, or on vacation, smart home automation can provide an extra safety boost while you’re away. This technology includes home security cameras, alarms, speakers, and lights for a comprehensive approach to looking after your residence.

Although unrelated to outside disturbances, smart home automation can also improve safety inside. Parents can monitor their children and help them feel connected without being in the same room. Elderly individuals who live at home alone may benefit from devices with voice command capabilities, so they can feel confident they’ll be able to get the help they need in an emergency.

Advanced Lighting

Lighting is more than a utility. It provides an additional layer of protection for your home. Incorporating bright lights on your home’s exterior illuminates your property so there are fewer shadows and dark areas where intruders can hide. Indoor lighting can also be advantageous to your security. By leaving room lights on or setting them on a schedule when you’re not home, you can create the perception that your house is occupied and not easily targeted.

In addition to being a key component to an effective home security system, lighting can completely transform the look and feel of your home. Its warm ambience builds on the sense of coziness associated with home and contributes to an overall more aesthetically pleasing property.

Home Network System

A Wi-Fi network brings together all the components of your home security system. Home security cameras, smart technology, and lighting all thrive off of sharing the same connection, so your devices are working in tandem rather than competing.

Your router is one of the most important elements to achieve this. It acts as the brains of your network, meaning it directs traffic where it needs to go while protecting your home from external security concerns.

We typically prefer Pakedge’s high-quality home networking systems because their routers include turbocharged processors designed to handle high-bandwidth multicast audio and visual media. Pakedge wireless access points also deliver outstanding performance at an extended range, so you don’t have to worry about weak signals in the far corners of your home.

Enhance Your Home Security System With Sound Sensations

No matter if you already have some home security features or need an entirely new system, we provide a full suite of options that put you and your family’s safety first. We take great pride in installing equipment that equally enriches and protects your home experience.

Our skilled team plans, designs, and implements affordable security systems for homes that can be customized to projects of any size and scope. We believe you should never have to compromise your security and remain committed to offering intelligent solutions without a hefty price tag. This way, you can continue to enjoy your property to its fullest.

To explore our selection for home security systems and demo equipment, pay a visit to our showroom in Marietta from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. Or give us a call at (770) 429-1600. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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