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Keep Your Speed Down with a Radar Detector

Sound Sensations Carries More Than Car Audio - We’re Here for Your Safety

When you’re on the road, and you see a vehicle caught in a speed trap, you’re going to notice people of all ages getting a ticket. Speeding is not just something that young, inexperienced drivers do. We all speed, even accidentally.

You might find yourself cruising along, only to realize you’re not familiar with the speed limits in the area, or maybe you’re distracted temporarily by a big meeting that’s on your mind. Fortunately, there are state-of-the-art products on the market that can help you stay aware of the speed limit.

You can always keep yourself safe by installing a radar detector - and we think you’ll be surprised about all the features the latest versions of these devices have, so read on to learn more.

What is a Radar Detector and Why Are They Useful?

A radar detector is used to detect the radar signal that law enforcement uses to monitor the speed of motor vehicles on the road. A driver can use one as an alert system to check their own speed and slow down based on that road’s regulations. It’s a helpful reminder for drivers so that they can keep themselves and their passengers safe, especially if they’re temporarily distracted by something on their mind, a great song on their car speaker system, or unfamiliarity with the area.

That’s the basic definition, but radar detectors - just like the modern car stereo gear we sell at Sounds Sensations - can do so much more.

Today’s Radar Detectors Have a Variety of Features, Just Like Car Audio

Radar detectors have more tech features than you might have previously realized:

  • Radar AND Laser Detection Most speed regulation devices used by law enforcement use radars and laser technology because laser technology is far more accurate. Make sure you get a radar detector that can alert you to the use of lasers as well.

  • Smart Technology Like other driving apps, modern radar detectors can share information about the road with other drivers through a smartphone app. Information that helps keep you safe is crowdsourced, so you can work together with a community of drivers.

  • False-Alert Learning Because there are often other frequencies on the road besides speed radars, a smart radar detector can identify false alerts and quickly eliminate them. When you’re on that route again, you won’t be reminded of radar detection that isn’t relevant to your speed or safety.

  • More Road Alerts This is one of our favorite new additions to radar detector technology: you can even receive alerts about red lights and speed cameras along with law enforcement radar-use.

Look Into Laser Shifting

Laser shifting is another feature that we love at Sound Sensations, your dealer for everything car audio installation-related from car speakers to car subwoofers, and more. Laser shifting allows you to go virtually undetected by speed regulation lasers on the road. With this advanced ticket-protection technology, you can make a choice to slow down on your own, instead of waiting to get a ticket to realize the speed limit.

Laser shifting is legal in 38 states, including Georgia, but keep in mind that it’s not legal everywhere when you’re traveling across state lines.

Dash-Mount or Custom-Installed? Make it Fit Your Car Audio Design

You can decide how you want to feature your radar detector based on your preferences for your car. Much like your car stereo or other car audio installation services, go with the cleanest install for your vehicle’s look.

Some folks like the dash-mount because you can take the detector with you easily when you want to transfer vehicles. It’s also a bit more affordable than the custom install.

The custom install, however, gives you a sleek look, making your detector nearly imperceptible. Some folks like the way their custom install integrates with their other custom installed car audio products.

It’s Not Your Dad’s Detector

You might remember radar detectors from when you were young. The thing looked like an old dial-up modem and made random beeping noises that may or may not have been related to speed radars. While your dad swore the thing worked, you weren’t so sure.

Now that you’re behind the wheel, get the latest technology. Smart technology and learning, as well as advanced features to counteract speed regulation methods so you can make your slow-down decision with your foot and not a ticket, radar detection is a whole new game.

We think the same thing about all of our products at Sound Sensations. Experts in car audio installation, whatever you decide to purchase from us has features you won’t see on the car audio products of the past. We offer:

  • Superior Car Stereos

  • High-End Car Speakers

  • The Latest Car Subwoofers

  • Much, Much More

And Just So You Know: Radar Detectors are Legal

With the exception of Virginia and Washington D.C., radar detectors are legal for private use. Keep in mind that there are other laws about affixing items like radar detectors to windshields (Minnesota and California), and there are some regulations against usage in commercial vehicles, depending on the state.

We can help you stay informed when you come down to Sound Sensations to learn about all of our car audio installation products such as car speakers and more.

The Best Brands On the Market Today

Sound Sensations, your dealer for car speakers and everything else car audio-related, carries a number of excellent radar detector brands.

Just as you would when you’re picking up a premier car subwoofer or a new car stereo, do your research, but we can definitely help with that, too.

We love the features from Escort and Cobra, and the variety of radar and laser detection products they offer. Escort and Cobra have special features and functions like the ones we’ve described above, and can provide you with both affordable and high-end models depending on your needs.

We like Escort and Cobra electronics because of their sleek look and tech research that keeps their features updated for the modern driver.

These Features Are For You and Your Passengers’ Safety

Speed traps, red lights, and speed cameras are there for a reason - to remind passengers that they need to slow down. A radar detector offers you double protection from each of these with the right brand. Now, you can get an audio and visual reminder on the road, keeping you and your passengers secure.

Everyone speeds from time to time, and that’s just part of being a driver. There wouldn’t be signs on the road if no one accidentally sped from time to time. Fortunately, the makers of superior radar products have recognized this truth and built high-tech detectors to ensure that you’re given the information you need to make a good decision on the road.

Come See Us at Sound Sensations for Car Audio Installation and More

If you’re in the market for a radar detector, car speakers, a new car stereo system, or any other vehicle’s audio upgrades, we have what you need - and so much more.

We can even recommend and install one of our state-of-the-art car subwoofers to make sure you’re turning heads on the road.

No matter your needs, we’re here to give you the best customer service and products for your car audio needs.

Give us a call at (770) 429-1600 or send us a quick message here, and we can get you set up with anything and everything you need for the road.

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