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Get a Custom Rear-Seat Entertainment System From Sound Sensations

An Aftermarket Car Accessory That Will Change Your Commute

Whether you like to take long road trips or just have kids that get bored easily, a rear-seat entertainment system is the solution to a peaceful commute. Our expert auto accessories team at Sounds Sensations can help you pick out the right model for your vehicle and perform professional installation, too.

Rear-seat entertainment is a lot more than just a portable DVD player. Take a look at how our team can turn your vehicle into a theater with the right combination of aftermarket car accessories.

Give Your Passengers the Best Seat in Town

Movies2Go by Voxx Electronics offers premiere universal seat-back and drop-down video solutions. Choose from products like a headrest DVD monitor system with an HDMI/MHL input or just install a headrest monitor to work with your existing entertainment system.

Kick your entertainment into high gear by selecting a Universal In-Vehicle SmartTV Seat-back system that includes a back-lit LED panel, HD input for your smart device, integrated DVD player, USB input, Earphone output, wireless FM modulator, and more!

Fully Customize Your Rear-Seat Entertainment System

Voxx Electronics brings you Audiovox - a way to completely control your rear-seat entertainment and match the factory features installed in your vehicle. Our expert technicians can help you customize and match features like color, material, and headrest bun shapes to fit seamlessly into your vehicle.

Choose from dual DVD, single DVD/single monitor, and other entertainment combinations. Even better, Audiovox offers aftermarket auto accessories at flexible and affordable prices. Ask our team what they recommend for your budget and how you purchase your rear-entertainment center with one of our many purchase options.

You Don’t Need a Brand-New Car to Upgrade Your Rear-Seat Entertainment Center

Our technicians at Sound Sensations work with all makes and models. We can expertly install any aftermarket car accessories into your vehicle, including a stunning entertainment center. Talk to our team about what you want from your car audio and entertainment system, and we can make it happen! You can even install a universal system that connects Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

Complete Your Upgrade With Car Stereo Installation

Having an amazing rear-seat entertainment center is key to making long journeys and boring commutes a little more tolerable for your cranky passengers, but it won’t make much difference if they can’t hear anything.

Truly feel like you’re watching the big screen by asking one of our professionals about car audio installation. Catch every detail with a set of tweeters and feel the low-notes with high-quality subwoofers. Our team can find the right combination of car stereo speakers and other aftermarket auto accessories that will make your passengers never want to get out of the car.

Turn On Your Rear-Seat Entertainment Center With Sound Sensations

You can’t control traffic, but you can control what’s happening in the backseat with an excellent rear-seat entertainment center. It doesn’t have to be expensive, either! Sound Sensations has affordable products and professional installs that suit any budget.

To chat with our team about upgrading your vehicle with an entertainment system, car audio installation, remote starts, and everything else in between, call us at (770) 429-1600 or send us a message online. Our team will be happy to talk to you about our services, inventory, and purchase options!

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