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Everything You Need to Know About Car Entertainment Systems

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Car Entertainment Systems Bring You the Music and Media You Crave, Wherever You Are

2022 has been a great year so far for tech upgrades across a variety of smart technology and media industries, and this applies to your car as well. Car Entertainment Systems have been around for a while, but they are now at their peak with so many factory and aftermarket upgrades to turn your car into an innovative media center on wheels. Here’s Sound Sensations’ comprehensive guide to all things Car Entertainment Systems, so you can get the knowledge you need before you upgrade with us.

What is a Car Entertainment System?

A Car Entertainment System is the full package of video and audio systems and accessories that turn your vehicle into a hub for music, video, movies, streaming TV, and more.

Sound Sensations, your experts for car audio installation, works with Voxx Rear-Seat Entertainment to provide their latest products. Some original equipment manufacturers (OEM) include entertainment systems in their auto packages, but upgrades from a business focusing specifically on these technologies can bring you customization - and personalization - for your car audio and entertainment needs.

Upgrades for your Car Entertainment System

Some of the best aftermarket upgrades are available from Sound Sensations via Voxx Rear-Seat Entertainment. Here’s an overview that explains two Voxx systems that are popular with our customers.

Universal Seat-Back Systems: built into the backs of the front-seat headrests, two 9” monitors offer dynamic, color video for DVDs as well as streaming. You can also adjust the view, and link these to an aftermarket car stereo receiver to bring full, rich audio into your car’s speakers, making this a true entertainment experience.

Overhead System: Installed in the overhead dashboard controls, this 10.1 inch hi-def monitor can provide you with one central unit for movies, TV, and videos. You’ll be able to make that long road trip - or short errand - much more entertaining for your passengers, who can choose from any of their media interests as soon as they hop in the vehicle. With our services, we can configure and optimize the audio system to pair with your new screens. Imagine being able to show your backseat passengers the new Jurassic movie with a car subwoofer supporting those cinematic thrills.

What’s Hot in 2022

At Sound Sensations, we like to keep up with the latest trends in the car entertainment system industry, so here are a few items of interest that we think you’ll want to spring for. Each of these is a fresh upgrade that offers you more convenience, more tools, and better performance for your on-the-road media.

Expanded Monitor Size for Seat-Back Systems: We’ve been eyeing these 10.1” seat-back dual systems so that each of your rear passengers can have their very own, personalized media experience while they ride. These come, of course, with a more expansive screen, so that the next movie or show you watch will be even more immersive.

Smartphone/SmartTV Capability: We are very used to being able to link our devices at home, even the big ones, like TVs and home theater systems, to our smartphones, and now - with integrated smart technology - many car entertainment systems offer smart connectivity. Now you can completely abandon the DVDs of the past, and focus on what’s hot, new, and immediate from your phone.

Trends and Innovations We’re Keeping an Eye On

One aspect of car entertainment systems that consumers and technicians in the car audio installation industry often wonder about is how to zone audio experiences for backseat passengers who have individual screens, and want to focus on their own content. New acoustic innovations from select car audio brands have developed sound zone technology enabled by specific car stereo receivers.

Additionally, we like how car entertainment systems can be personalized for each passenger’s media needs based on who is “signed in” as the driver of the vehicle, or whose smart devices are linked via bluetooth. Imagine being able to enter a vehicle that is aware of each individual passenger’s profiles and interests, allowing each of the screens to offer them the content they want.

We’re keeping an eye on these innovations and other trends to ensure we have the latest features and technology available to our customers at Sound Sensations.

Car Entertainment System Professionals Near You

When you’re on the market for a car entertainment system complete with video, a car stereo, speakers, and a subwoofer, our car audio technicians at Sound Sensations want to outfit your vehicle with the very best.

Give us a call at (770) 429-1600, stop in the shop to check out what’s on display, or send us a quick message. As the future of car audio continues to grow, we’ll be there for you with the latest, so you won’t miss out on the trends that make driving a whole new experience.

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