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Does Car Window Tinting Void Your Vehicle's Warranty?

What to Consider Before Window Tint Installation in Georgia

Window tinting is obviously popular because it looks good, but it has many other advantages, too. Tinted windows reduce the temperature in your vehicle in the summer because they reflect light from the sun, and can protect drivers and passengers from skin damage when they’re in the vehicle. Tinted windows can be great for the visually impaired, and they can prevent crime, since thieves cannot see the interior layout of your vehicle.

When looking for window tinting in Marietta, consider that Sound Sensations has one of the best reputations for installing high-quality tinted windows on new and used vehicles.

These are all significant benefits, but many people sensibly ask if tinted windows might lead to the vehicle warranty being voided. Car owners have to weigh the benefits of window tint installation against the risk of a warranty not being honored when they decide to put tinted windows on their vehicle.

We’ll review some things you should consider in detail, but - spoiler alert - car window tinting is unlikely to affect your warranty.

Vehicle manufacturer warranties

In essence, a vehicle warranty is a document stating that the vehicle manufacturer will pay for or fix certain issues with the vehicle for free during a certain duration of time. The manufacturer might replace certain parts of the vehicle, perform regular maintenance on the vehicle, and/or perform free checkups on the vehicle while the vehicle is covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

The cost of a warranty is usually already accounted for in the initial cost of the vehicle, so a warranty is a proactive way of saving money in the future if anything bad happens to the vehicle during the initial period after the purchase of your vehicle.

Unlike with car insurance, in which the car owner pays monthly for the car to be covered under the insurance plan, a warranty differs from car insurance because a monthly payment isn’t made for the warranty.

Not only do you get an initial manufacturer warranty, but you can also buy an extended warranty on top of that. The extended warranty doesn’t have to be from a manufacturer. You can buy it from a third party with customized terms that are better than the basic warranty a manufacturer might initially offer.

How window tinting can affect the warranty

Window tint might impact the warranty of your vehicle, but it’s unlikely.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prevents a manufacturer from voiding a claim just because the vehicle is using aftermarket parts. The manufacturer must prove that the warranty is voided because the aftermarket part directly led to the issue with the vehicle.

For example, if the door is damaged due to adding window tint, the manufacturer would need to prove that the door damage resulted from the installation of the tinted windows. If the manufacturer cannot prove this, the car owner is still entitled to the warranty and it cannot simply be voided because they installed aftermarket car window tint.

It’s also important to know the laws in your state, as this could affect the warranty as well. Some states restrict the kind of tinting you can get, and they even restrict the level of tint you can have on your home or vehicle. These state laws can also factor into whether the warranty is void or valid, so it’s important for anyone who wants to get tinted windows installed to understand their state laws.

Get professional window tint installation by Sound Sensations

Installers like Sound Sensations in Marietta can help you avoid having your warranty voided. We offer quality, experience, and rarely make mistakes thanks to our skilled installation technicians. To avoid the risk of a warranty being voided, having professionals like us manage the installation process is a smart choice. Our expertise and industry knowledge enable us to perform safe installations that won’t harm your doors or windows.

In general, as long as you get a professional installation of your window tinting, you shouldn’t have to worry about your car window tinting affecting your vehicle’s warranty. When you use Sound Sensations for your window tinting, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re getting the benefits of window tinting, while also keeping your vehicle protected under its warranty. Get in touch with us today, or stop by our store in Marietta, to get started with your new window tint installation.

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Jun 19

Car window tinting usually does not void your vehicle's warranty, as long as it is installed correctly and complies with local laws. However, improper installation or illegal tints could potentially cause issues. Always check with your dealer and choose a professional auto glass repair service to ensure your warranty remains intact.

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