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4 UTV Audio System Upgrades You Need to Blast Tunes and Tear Up the Trail

Plus, Which Audio Brands We Recommend For an Incredible UTV Sound System

If you’re a pro, you know that an ATV and a UTV are not the same thing. While an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) provides you with tons of fun on the trail, it’s not meant to work as hard as your utility-terrain vehicle (UTV).

Your UTV is a powerful off-road vehicle that gets down to business. However, there’s no reason you can’t install UTV audio system upgrades to make your work a little more entertaining. Not sure where to start? Check out these four solid ways to improve your UTV and find out why Sound Sensations has the best audio upgrades in Marietta.

1. Upgrade Your UTV Audio System With the Right Source Unit

It doesn’t matter if you want to listen to your favorite satellite radio station, play tunes from a USB stick, or stream music from your smartphone, any UTV audio system upgrade is going to require a source unit.

Just like your ATV and marine audio, you need to consider what elements your UTV will face regularly. Most UTVs can get super dusty and dirty, especially if you're blasting down sand dunes or working on the farm. However, if you’re blazing trails on the bayou, your UTV will take you knee deep in water.

Either way, you’ll need a high-quality source unit that’s sealed tight and weather-resistant. The experts at Sound Sensations recommend Rockford Fosgate source units, because they are feature-rich and incredibly customizable for big sound and multiple UTV speakers.

2. Ask Our Experts About UTV Speaker Solutions

There are several ways to add speakers to your UTV, and one of the simplest is with a sound bar. It’s very similar to an LED light bar in design and is almost as easy to install.

A sound bar for your UTV is an enclosed speaker system that is usually attached to something solid and secure, like a roll cage. They also make perfect speaker solutions for your ATV, snowmobile, personal watercraft, and golf cart, too.

You can always choose speaker pods for your UTV, which, unlike car audio installations, are not focused on staging your speakers for a theater-like listening experience. Instead, our experts will perfectly place your UTV speaker pods so you can hear your music over the roar of a revving engine.

Installing speakers on your UTV or ATV requires modifications by an expert. Make sure you schedule an appointment at Sound Sensations for a professional UTV audio upgrade, or you might risk making a costly mistake on your DIY install.

3. Turn Up the Bass With Killer Subwoofers For Your UTV

It can’t be all work and no play when you’re out on your UTV. Take your day from boring to booming with high-quality subwoofers for your utility vehicle. Not only do subs take the burden of producing low-notes from your UTV speakers, it ensures you get quality sound when your UTV is tearing up the trail or darting through dunes.

At Sound Sensations, we like to work with Rockford Fosgate subwoofers, because their all-weather enclosures keep your UTV sound system safe from water, dirt, and debris.

Plus, Rockford Fosgate audio upgrades are backed by the most advanced and tested technology on the market. Talk to the experts at Sound Sensations to learn more about Rockford Fosgate audio components or to explore other UTV sound system options.

Crank It All the Way Up With a Powersports Amplifier

You can have the best of the best speakers for your UTV, but without the right amplifier, your sound won’t go far. In order to hear music over your loud exhaust and wind rushing past your ears, you need as much power as you can get.

However, you also want a powersports amplifier that's as efficient as possible and doesn’t draw too much power. For instance, top-of-the-line audio amplifiers can convert more than 90 percent of the electrical energy from your UTV battery to power your subs and speakers.

If you plan on getting your UTV muddy, powering through the forest on a hunting trip, or taking on sand dunes, make sure you find a weather-resistant amp. We recommend JL Audio for your UTV amplifier.

Not only does JL Audio use weatherproof construction for their UTV audio system upgrades, they also use corrosion-resistant materials to make them suited for areas where moisture is unavoidable.

Your UTV Audio System Upgrade Starts With Sound Sensations

The products sold at big box stores that promise plug-and-play features for their UTV sound system upgrades are misleading. That’s because you need to have the tools and knowledge to disassemble parts of your UTV, expertly mount audio components, and safely route and secure all wires and cables.

Instead of performing your own frustrating DIY installation for your UTV audio system, contact the professionals at Sound Sensations, where we stand behind their work and get your installation done correctly the first time.

For the best UTV audio upgrades near you, call Sound Sensations at (770) 429-1600 or send us a message online. Be sure to ask our team about Acima, and no-credit-check way to pay for all your powersport and car audio installations.

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