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Our Car Stereo Shop’s Most Important Blogs for 2023

When You’re Looking for a New Car Stereo, Our Resources Help You Make a Decision

With 2022 behind us, Sound Sensations is looking forward to a year of aiding Marietta, GA, residents with all their home and car audio needs. It affords up an opportunity to look back at what we consider some of the most useful advice we’ve doled out over the past 12 months, so if you missed them, here are our favorite blogs on new car stereos written in 2022.

Car Stereo Replacements are Like Candidates for a Big Job - Who Would You Hire?

There’s no shortage of car stereo replacement options, and our latest guide to choosing a car stereo takes the approach of considering which type of car stereo would you hire in a job interview! Would you hire something with smarts, someone who’s stylish, or someone who’s the loudest in the room? This fun look at new car stereo system purchases might teach you more about yourself than you think!

Let the Experts Hand-Pick Your New Car Stereo Equipment

In our guide to hand-picking your car stereo, we outline why our car stereo shop near you believes we can help you choose the right combination of equipment. We discuss some of the experiences we’ve come to pick up over the years, and how we can help you avoid some of the pitfalls of aftermarket car stereo purchases. We detail how we go about helping you decide and how we never attempt to upsell stuff you don’t need.

The Basics of Integrating OEM and Car Audio Upgrades

A completely new audio system is often the safest bet when upgrading your in-car sound, but what if you’d prefer to keep some of the pieces of the system your manufacturer installed at the factory? Integrating OEM (original equipment manufacturer) audio with new upgrades is not challenging for a professional car stereo shop, as outlined in our guide to integrating OEM and car audio upgrades. We discuss the pros and cons and what you need to consider for a good upgrade.

5 Myths About Aftermarket Audio

In July 2022, we took the time to bust some of the most pervasive myths about aftermarket car stereo installations for your vehicle. Our 5 aftermarket audio myths busted article took on erroneous beliefs like the price of aftermarket audio being too high, the installation procedure taking a long time, and the limitations of aftermarket systems. By reading this guide, you’ll have a better understanding of why aftermarket audio for your vehicles is a great addition.

5 Tips on How to Use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

One of the best ways to make the most out of your new car stereo is to connect your phone to it via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Our guide to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay discusses what these technologies are, how you can use them, and why you should definitely choose a new infotainment system with support for both of these features.

Don’t Forget: We’re Experts in a Variety of Car Accessories

We’ve focused on car stereo installations here, but Sound Sensations offers so much more. Our car audio installations can include the head unit/car stereo, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and digital processors. We can perform OEM/AMP integration, and add sound damping so you get the very best of your sound system. For other auto upgrades, we offer a line of lighting upgrades, rear-seat entertainment systems, and window tint installation.

Sound Sensations is also a top supplier of driver safety and security equipment. This includes upgraded safety and collision equipment, remote start, car alarms, dash cams, and even police radar detectors.

We offer audio upgrades for specialized vehicles like motorcycles, boats, and powersports. And Sound Sensations is one of the leading experts in the area in the field of home automation and audio, offering whole-home audio, automated lighting, home theater systems, smart home automation, and home security systems.

Sound Sensations: The Top Car Stereo Shop in Marietta, Georgia

Searching for a car stereo shop near you? We’ve proven that Sound Sensations is one of the most knowledgeable and attentive car stereo installation providers and retailers in Georgia, with an outstanding range of the highest-quality new car stereos for your ride.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how you can get a fantastic new car stereo at our professional car audio installation service in Marietta, GA, or visit our shop to learn more about the other car upgrades we offer to our valued customers like you.

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