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Car Stereo Replacements are Like Candidates for a Big Job - Who Would You Hire?

You’re the Boss: Figure Out Which Kind of Stereo You’d Pick in an Interview Setting

Alright, so let’s set the scene. You know those television shows and movies where they show an office full of job candidates sitting together and waiting for an assistant to send them in to see the big boss?

Imagine a room like that, except that sitting there in that room with the folding chairs are three different car stereo systems, all wearing their very best clothes, mints in their mouths, notebooks in their laps, all nervously jostling their legs.

That’s because these car stereos are interviewing to see if they’ll be chosen for your car. One of our premier technicians calls them in to the CEO office suite, where you - the driver - get to ask them questions. Their responses will help you determine who is going to get hired and installed in your vehicle.

Get the idea? In this blog, we’ll present the candidates to you, describe them, and then you can choose the best hire. This is highly competitive! Being chosen for audio installation, along with subwoofer installation, is a big honor, so don’t take your decision to upgrade car speakers lightly when there are so many excellent choices.

Potential Hire #1 - A Stereo System with All the Works Wants to be Your Car Stereo Replacement

Hello. Thank you so much for your time. As you can see, I’m a car stereo system. I know you already got my resume, but I made a copy to bring with me. You want to know my experience?

Well, I was born in a town I am very proud of. It’s called JBL, and it’s just great - great schools, real community feel. I was educated there, and graduated with pretty high honors. In fact, I was highly-rated by Consumer Reports for my excellent sound quality.

What’s that? Do I come with any skills? You mean besides my intuitive, multi-function interface and easy connectibility? Oh, I see you want soft skills, too. Well, aside from my state-of-the-art features and technology, I play well with others. Literally.

When you choose me as your car stereo replacement, you’ll want to upgrade your car speakers and get a subwoofer installation - and possibly even a brand new amplifier. I’m not just saying that to sound good in an interview. Adding me to a team that includes a custom package of speakers, subwoofer, and more, helps me shine. I can promise you that.

Potential Hire #2 - A Stereo System with Smart Technology for Your Car Stereo Replacement

Hi. Wow, great office. Is that a painting of an original RCA Victrola record player? From the Roaring 20s? Amazing. I know quite a bit about anything sound-related. Quiz me. No? Okay, well, can I tell you a little bit about myself?

I’m smart. I mean - I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that outright. My work-culture profile says I shouldn’t lead with my intelligence, and just let it come out naturally, but hey, I’m putting my best foot forward, right? Anyhow, what I mean is I’m built with smart technology. That means I can seamlessly integrate your phone through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Do you realize how monumental that is? I do. Instead of relying on your basic car stereo console functions and features, you can essentially turn your car stereo system into a smart screen with all of the apps and functions you’d get from your phone, but while you’re on the road.

What does that mean for you? Well, you’ll get to pick your own navigation app. You can stream podcasts, audiobooks, movies, TV, and music. You can send a quick text while you’re at a stoplight without having to pick up your phone, and so much more.

Sure, if you’re really into music, definitely spring for subwoofer installation or car speaker upgrades. There’s nothing wrong with adding extra aftermarket audio installation. But I’m a bit more refined. If you’re looking to hire someone who can offer you a home office on the road through smart technology, and even play some tasteful tunes in your luxury vehicle, I’m the right system for the job.

Potential Hire #3 - A Car Stereo Replacement that’s the Loudest Person in the Room

Hey, how ya doing? Ya like music? Ya like music loud? Then I’m the car stereo system for you. I’m kind of a partier, but I take care of business too. During the week you might see me acting pretty low-key, but by the weekend? I’m blasting and booming down the street like nobody’s business.

I’m the stereo system you take out on the road when you want to be a stunner, pulling up for valet service at your favorite restaurant or club. I’m the type of stereo system that doesn’t need any introduction or letter of reference, because you can just hear me coming.

Complete with an amplifier and the best subwoofer installation on the market for rap, electronic, and dance music, I’m exactly what you want if you’re ready to rattle windows and shake up the industry.

Okay, I get it, I’m not for everyone, but I definitely know I can play a vital role for your organization. If you’re thinking about upgrading your car speakers, you might want to hire them along with me, because I’ll do good work for you if you give me a partner, you know, like a wingman.

Some say I’m only as good as who you partner me with, but if you’re looking for audio installation that’s going to knock you off your feet no matter the situation I’m the one for you. Any questions?

Who Would You Hire for Your Car Stereo Replacement? #1, 2, or 3?

Now that you’ve heard from all three candidates, who would you pick as your car stereo replacement? Audio installation is an important choice, so you want to go with the stereo that best suits your needs.

Here’s a breakdown of each of the candidates:

  1. Our first candidate is a total-package car stereo system with a great pedigree from a name brand stereo system company, complete with smart technology capabilities, and customizable accessories such as speakers, subwoofer, amplifier, and more. This is perfect for you if you want it all.

  2. Our next candidate is the smartest car stereo system on the market with Apple and Android integration features that make your car into a smart office when you’re on the road and still trying to keep up with a busy schedule. Also an excellent system for streaming apps, you’ll get crystal clear, quality sound out of this intelligent, sensible system for your audio installation upgrade.

  3. Our final candidate is the one you pick when you want to go loud and make a big impact right away. Go with a car stereo that’s built for booming bass on the road. You’ll also want to upgrade your car speakers and consider subwoofer installation because you’re going to want it to get the most impact out of a block-rocking system.

What do you think? There’s no wrong answer. You’re going to get great work out of any of these car stereo replacements! Pick the one that you think you’d work best with, and you’ll be profiting in no time - with high-quality sound.

Find the Best Candidate for Car Stereo Replacement at Sound Sensations

No matter whether you need the full package of car audio products for total immersion in sound, a smart-technology approach for when you want to multitask on the road, or a truly powerful system, we have you covered at Sound Sensations.

In fact, we can cover a wider variety of products and services than you can imagine, including marine, motorcycle, and powersports audio and accessories, and even professional, affordable installs. Give us a call at (770) 429-1600, or you can send us a quick message here. We look forward to finding you the perfect candidate for your audio needs!

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