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Holiday Gift Guide: Remote Starts, Bluetooth Car Stereos, and More

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Your Team for Car Audio in Marietta, Georgia Breaks Down What to Give Everyone

If you’re reading this, either one of two things are happening: you’re feeling prepared and trying to get ahead of the holiday shopping craziness that’s coming - or, you’ve procrastinated and you’re feeling that holiday shopping craziness now.

If you’re the former, we’re proud of you. You’re successfully beating the game of gifting, and you now have time to research and choose.

If you’re the latter, we’re proud of you, too! Even if your blood pressure is up and your heart is racing, take a deep breath and check out this guide. We’ve got you covered.

In this comprehensive guide to gifting car upgrades, remote start installation, Bluetooth car stereos, car alarm installation, and more we break down our helpful list into three parts:

  • The type of person you’re buying for

  • What gifts would match their personality best

  • Our reviews of the best products in that category

  • Which businesses for car audio near you have that gift in stock right now

But before we get to the good stuff, let’s take a look at a list of the most cliche gifts of all time, just to remind you of what not to do.

What Not to Do for the Folks On Your List (The Ones Who Deserve Remote Start and More)

Don’t give the three-portion bucket of popcorn if one of the three has the red cinnamon kind - no one will eat it! (Maybe go for the caramel and cheddar?)

Don’t give coupons for a backrub or doing the dishes. You’re not seven. And you should be doing all these things anyway.

Don’t give anyone a surprise pet. Okay, maybe. But think very, very hard before you do this. Remember, these are two lives you’re bringing together - it’s not cinnamon popcorn.

Finally, don’t give remote start installation, car alarm installation, a Bluetooth car stereo system or any other car upgrades from a business for car audio near you without consulting this guide first!

Now - onward to the good stuff.

Find Out What Car Upgrades You Should Gift (Including Remote Start) in This Guide

Like we mentioned above, look at the “personality type” first, then move on to what products they might like, read the reviews, and find out where to get these gifts at a great local shop for car audio near you in Marietta, Georgia.

Personality Type 1: Your practical friend or loved one who is a rule-follower, who thinks “safety first,” and loves efficiency over everything.

  • What to Gift Them: Remote start installation. If someone in your life is the type of person who sets up the coffee machine the night before, they’ll probably also appreciate this key comfort and safety feature for their vehicle. Remote start allows you to start your vehicle from a significant distance, keeping it warmed up and ready for the road, which is especially important during the winter months.

  • Our Review of the Best: We give five stars to the Directed line of products, which include several safety and protection features for your vehicle as well. If you’ve ever heard of Viper’s quality car alarms, their remote start products are just as effective, high-end, and easy to use.

  • Where to Find Remote Start: Sound Sensations is the premier spot for all things car audio near you. Call us at (770) 429-1600 or you can send us a quick message here to get remote start installation set up for the practical person in your life.

Personality Type 2: Your everything-automotive friend who has every single add-on or upgrade for their vehicle including a Bluetooth car stereo, leather seats, a brand-new stereo system, and all the modifications you could make to a car’s body and under the hood.

  • What to Gift Them: Let’s just say this person’s car is the polar opposite of a jalopy. It may not be a luxury vehicle, either, but they have everything you could buy to soup up a car. However, there may be one item they’re missing: car alarm installation. The recipient of your gift needs to protect all that valuable equipment, right? Make sure they’re protecting their investment with the perfect car security gift.

  • Our Review of the Best: A product from Directed or Compustar will let your car-obsessed friend experience the intersection of digital technology and car security. You’ll be surprised at how far car alarm installation has come, fusing smart digital screen technology with the protective electronics that have kept cars safe for decades. We give Directed and Compustar products five stars, and know your friend, relative, or loved one will be very pleased with the results these security products provide.

  • Where to Find Car Alarm Installation and More, Including Remote Start: Think of Sound Sensations in Marietta, Georgia, your destination for everything related to car audio near you, including remote start, car alarm installation, and more. We’re ready to help you pick out the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Our range of superior products distinguishes us from the rest of the pack, so you’ll never leave empty-handed when you visit us. Call us at (770) 429-1600 or you can send us a quick message here to get car alarm installation set up for your auto fanatic friend or loved one.

Personality Type 3: The person who loves all things digital. The electronics nerd. The person who is always up on the latest app or “smart” product.

  • What to Gift Them: For this tech savvy person, we recommend a Bluetooth car stereo. Now, your tech-friendly friend can dictate their needs hands-free on the road, including voice commands, phone use, and more. The person who seems to have everything tech may have skipped over this key piece of technology, and you’ll be the one to give it to them.

  • Our Review of the Best: If you’re looking for Bluetooth-capable car stereos, look no further than Kenwood, Pioneer, or Jensen. These fine brands can be found at any local business that sells equipment for car audio near you. Bluetooth connectivity is constantly being refined and improved as new stereo system models arrive in U.S. showrooms, and we love the state of this tech right now. We give Bluetooth car stereo systems from these three brands five stars.

  • Where to Find This Gift and More: Sound Sensations in Marietta, Georgia has your solution yet again. And that’s not all we carry. From remote start installation and car alarm installation, to marine audio and rear-seat entertainment, we carry the best of anything you can think of for your on-road and off-road vehicle needs.

Seek Out Sound Sensations of Marietta, Georgia for Remote Start, Car Security, and More

No matter who is on your list, we have something for you at Sound Sensations, the experts for car audio near you. If you’re even thinking ahead to spring and summertime, consider these excellent services we offer:

  • Marine audio and lighting upgrades for boats and jetskis

  • ATV and UTV upgrades including stereos and lighting

  • Motorcycle upgrades, such as stereos and design add-ons

Ready to be the hero of your next gift-giving get-together? Head to Sound Sensations and see what we have to offer. Call us at (770) 429-1600 or you can send us a quick message here to win the game of gifting this holiday season.

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