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The Basics of Integrating OEM and Car Audio Upgrades

Work With the Very Best for a High-Quality Audio Upgrade Experience

OEM is an acronym that - once you know it - is very easy to remember. Original Equipment Manufacturer. That’s it. That’s what it means. Now you can use “OEM” like a pro.

Basically, OEM integration refers to a car audio installation process that pairs aftermarket speakers with your factory head unit.

There are a couple of reasons why you’d want to do this:

  1. You like the features on the factory stereo, but you want speakers that boom from a higher-quality manufacturer than the off-the-lot specs that came with your car.

  2. You’re not ready to spring for a brand new stereo system, but you’re able to afford speakers that can really do the heavy-lifting and make your car sound like it’s been outfitted from top to bottom.

At Sound Sensations we like to educate our customers, talk shop, and make sure you’re getting the very best for your car. Your car is your baby, and you want to make sure it’s taken care of.

Below we’d like to share our notes with you from when we were recently asked about the basics of OEM integrations, so you can understand how we make this important upgrade. And, when you’re ready to get started, there’s no need to look for audio upgrades near you, because you’re already here with us - the pros.

Getting Thorough: Why OEM for an Audio Upgrade?

Our customers want OEM integration for the reasons we outlined above, either to make the factory stereo experience into something far better, or because they want to split the difference between a decent head unit and even better speakers instead of going for the complete overhaul.

What our technicians have to do to make OEM integration work in your vehicle takes a few crucial steps that you don’t want to mess up by trying to DIY, and we don’t recommend paying somebody from Facebook Marketplace who may or may not be qualified, when you can harness the precision and expertise of our technicians at Sound Sensations.

Here’s how OEM integration works:

1. Find the Speakers You Want for Your Audio Upgrade

Sound Sensations is your go-to spot for high-grade speakers, and we can help you choose a fit for your car on the affordable end and up through the ranks to the best premium speakers.

There are always great options that don’t break the bank, and we love to share these deals with you. Our goal is to get you the very best based on your needs, your budget, and - most importantly - your dream for your upgraded vehicle.

2. Schedule OEM Integration

Scheduling with us is as easy as sending us a message online for any and all car audio installations. When you’re looking for car audio upgrades near you, think Sound Sensations.

We can set up an appointment that is fast and easy - even while we’re being thorough and careful with your baby and your brand new system - so you can be back on the road with the sound you want in no time.

3. Your Technicians Will Perform Audio Tests

An OEM integration requires some technical audio work to understand the electrical signal that is being sent to each of the speakers in your car. These signals can vary from vehicle to vehicle, and - especially today - many factory systems have attempted to compete with aftermarket audio upgrades by customizing their equalization with what’s called advanced signal processing.

This factory customization is important to measure, so that the new speakers can be integrated with the appropriate adjustments.

4. A Technician May Recommend a Processor

Once the factory system’s electrical signal is understood, the technician develops a strategy for how to create the best sound experience based on the OEM and the brand new speakers’ functionality.

Then, a signal processor is used to essentially reinvent the factory equalization to match the needs of your new speakers - and to create a different sound set up than the rather basic factory system.

There are several excellent signal and integration processors that can make this process easy for you. We offer a variety of these tech tools at our custom shop for audio upgrades near you, so we’re no stranger to their importance in an OEM integration.

5. Pick Up Your Car and Get Your Speakers Blasting

Once our careful measurements, testing, and car audio installation are all complete, we’ll be ready to hand you your keys and let you select a favorite track for a test drive.

We’re always happy to make adjustments and tweaks, so let us know if there are any changes we can make. We want the tracks you love to sound perfect with your OEM-integrated sound system.

Sound Sensations: Your Audio Upgrade Scientists

The precise measurements and determinations we have to make to ensure that your factory head unit’s electrical signal aligns with your new speakers is a process we take pride in.

We want you to be very, very pleased when you hear what your car’s system can do after we’re done with the integration process.

This is the way we handle all of our car audio upgrades - and for any upgrade related to a range of vehicles on land and sea. We think you’ll like the way we work - and the results that come with what we do. After all, Sound Sensations is the leader in audio upgrades near you.

Get your OEM integration and all your car audio installation projects started today by calling us at (770) 429-1600, or you can send us a quick message online.

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