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Bookmark These Blogs About Car Stereo Installation and Upgrades from Last Year

Our Car Stereo Store’s Favorite Guides to Upgrading Your Bluetooth Car Stereo and More

We live and breathe car stereos at Sound Sensations. As one of the best-known car stereo stores in the state of Georgia, we offer everything from plug-and-play Bluetooth car stereo systems to complete car stereo installations loud enough to compete with Atlanta Airport runways on a busy day.

As such, we’re always putting out content on the topics we love most - like aftermarket car stereo install and selection tips. We've put together this handy list to help you find some of our favorite content from the past year so you can reference it when you’re ready to deck out your car in the new year.

5 Tips on How to Use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Kicking off our car stereo store’s guides is our list of tips on how to use the popular Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in-car audio systems. These technologies allow your phone to control your car stereo, and you can do some really cool things like enable hands-free calling, get useful information through your car audio system, and get directions while you’re circling the streets trying to find an address. It’s better than a basic Bluetooth car stereo!

Two interesting features we cover are Auto-Reply, where your car will automatically reply to incoming messages with a custom message while you’re driving, and Auto Launch, which will automate the startup of certain apps when you enter your car. This can be great for starting up audio streaming, for instance.

Everything You Need to Know About Car Entertainment Systems

Car audio systems often go hand-in-hand with entertainment. If you’re interested in more than just audio and also want to throw some movies, videos, and streaming TV into the mix, this is the guide for you. We cover rear-seat entertainment upgrades from Voxx, overhead systems, seat-back systems, and monitors. We discuss some of the hottest trends in car entertainment systems and how you can choose the right one for your family.

5 Myths About Aftermarket Audio

The car stereo store industry is a domain full of misinformation and half-truths, but this is mainly because technology continues to march forward at a rapid pace and not every vehicle has support for every new type of tech. We take the chance to myth bust some of the most popular errors circulating about aftermarket audio, taking a swipe at the so-called expense of car audio, how difficult it is to perform car audio installs, and the relative sound quality of aftermarket systems, among other myths we’ve come across.

The Basics of Integrating OEM and Car Audio Upgrades

We’re often asked how to work concurrently with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) equipment and aftermarket equipment. People often don’t want to sacrifice the head unit in their current system, for example, but still want to increase the volume or get better sound from the system as a whole. This is where replacing car speakers and adding an amplifier can really work wonders, as you can continue to use your car’s factory-installed head unit. Really, there are many ways you can mix and max OEM and aftermarket car audio upgrades, and in this article, our car audio store lays bare what to expect as well as the pros and cons of doing so.

Let the Experts Hand-Pick Your Car Stereo Equipment

Earlier in the year, we fielded some questions on whether you choose your own car stereo equipment or let the professionals choose your equipment for you. We discussed how our experts can advise you on your car stereo (or marine and powersports audio, for that matter) and why we choose the brands we do.

We also answered why we thought a professional car stereo installation in Marietta is preferable to a DIY installation where you buy the equipment from us but install it yourself. We also discussed which parts of a car stereo system we consider completely mandatory and which we believe should only be installed if you’re willing to push the boat out.

Your Experts in Car Stereo Installation

We love to talk car audio, so if you have any queries or suggestions, get in touch with Sound Sensations today. We’re in this business to offer you the absolute best in car stereo equipment, so your in-car audio experience is out of this world. Here’s to another top year in car audio improvement!

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