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Choosing the Best Time to Install a Home Theater in Georgia

The Ins and Outs of Home Theater Installation

Investing in a quality home theater system will provide you and your family hours of entertainment and fun. Though it may seem like a luxury at first, a home theater system can also add to the value of a home, typically at about 65% of the cost spent on the purchase of the system.

If you are having a brand-new home built or buying a new home, a home theater system can be integrated into the design of your home for a seamless installation of the home theater that will fit with the designed flow of the home. A renovation or remodel of a house also presents a great time to design and complete a home theater installation.

These are the easiest times for the installation of a custom home theater system since during the initial construction of the home or during a renovation, the walls and ceilings are open so that the installation of wiring and mounting of speakers, equipment, and furniture is easier.

While most of the time installations are performed when buying a new home or remodeling a house, another great time is when a life-altering event such as a dependent moving away from the home leaves you with some extra space. This gives you a great opportunity to make use of that extra space by planning and installing a home theater.

Planning a Home Theater

A major decision in planning and installing a home theater system that will work properly is choosing a company to assist in the planning and design of the system and complete the physical installation of the theater.

Hiring the best home theater system installers is easy if you live near the Marietta, GA area as the premier provider is located near you in Sound Sensations. The home theater professionals at Sound Sensations have been trained to assist you in design and installation to provide you with the best home theater systems available.

The professionals at Sound Sensations are experts at designing a home theater for you that will integrate the best quality home theater audio and the best quality in-home theater speakers to fit your needs. Remember that the audio of your home theater system is just as important as the video when you’re reaching for that perfect in-home cinema experience.

Sound Sensations starts by consulting with you on your budget and the most important items you are looking for in a system. We have a set of eight different basic pre-designed layouts for you to choose from. That’s just the beginning, and this allows you and the Sound Sensations customer service professional to customize further details to suit your taste.

These designs consider all aspects of creating an experience that will surpass your expectations in a home theater by combining the latest in audio and video technology, with innovative lighting and comfortable seating that will surpass any trip to a commercial movie theater.

Finishing Touches

After completing the design of the home theater system to your satisfaction, the professionally trained installers from Sound Sensations will begin the installation of your equipment. Our professionals will work with your new home contractor or the remodeling contractor to install your system promptly with precise finishing that will astound you.

When you see the cinema-quality screen, you and any guests will be truly impressed. When you take a seat in the quality furniture included with your theater, you will be enveloped in comfort and quality and love as the convenience of cup holders and spaces for other goodies. With a single selection on your remote control (or maybe even voice control via your favorite voice assistant device), you can dim the lights and engage the surround sound with the Dolby ATMOS system included. It’s an immersive experience that will be sure to delight you.

Whether your pleasure is watching movies, music videos, sporting events, live TV, or even just sitting back and enjoying your favorite musical genres and artists. You and your guests will revel in the superior quality that your home theater audio and video provide for years of enjoyment, all while adding to the ambiance and value of your home.

Sound Sensations is conveniently located at 337 Cobb Parkway in Marietta, GA, and is open from 9 AM - 6 PM on Tuesday through Saturday to serve you. Stop in to see the latest innovations in our showroom or call us at 770-429-1600 for an appointment.

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