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Why Bringing Your Luxury Vehicle to an Aftermarket Upgrade Specialist is the Best Option

Installing Aftermarket Car Upgrades in Georgia the Right Way

A veritable maze of sensors and wires are connected via your wire harness to your luxury brand vehicle’s modern central decision system, the CAN or Controller Area Network. From this central decision point, all collected data is analyzed, deciding brake applications or lane changes in the case of emergencies.

In other words, today’s wire harness, with all its sensors and wires, can be likened to our body’s central nervous system, where all data points are immediately forwarded to our cognitive brain for all subsequent actions.

Like any standalone hardware computer, the Controller Area Network is an incredibly complex control system, which makes it imperative that we fully understand what is at risk when we install aftermarket electronic components that directly interact with the computerized brains of our vehicles.

Hence, the days of “winging it” with backyard operations we have been told about by a friend of a friend are over for installing aftermarket car accessories. Especially with luxury aftermarket car accessories installations such as that state-of-the-art aftermarket car audio system from specialist companies like Sound Sensations, it is nowadays imperative the personnel that handle these aftermarket car audio upgrades are qualified. Installations can result in serious ramifications regarding the proper performance of your vehicle’s electronic functions if poorly executed.

While the reasons for aftermarket electronic equipment installations are manifold, ranging from being dissatisfied with the particular sound of a manufacturer’s factory-installed radio, lack of navigation system functionality, or a compatibility gap in your car’s electronic entertainment system to properly connect with your kids’ latest and greatest electronic platforms, one choice should be clear to any consumer. The person handling these installations must be a certified technician to achieve a safe and high-quality outcome. Integrating these systems without jeopardizing or losing safety features or functionality is tough for any do-it-yourselfer.

Today’s Vehicles Demand Specialist Care

The role of professional technicians that are cognizant of the importance of proper installation of aftermarket products is in direct proportion to the increasing complexity of vehicle functions. Technicians that have studied the intricate electrical and data systems in today’s vehicles and have gained experience and certifications via the industry’s Mobile Electronic Certified Professional (MECP) program can handle the most difficult installation, integration, and diagnosis of aftermarket vehicle technology products. Aftermarket installers that employ MECP-trained technical installation personnel can protect you from warranty issues as compared with less-than-diligent backyard installation.

MECP represents the only nationally recognized certification program for all mobile car technologies and is your guarantee of a flawless and technically competent installation process.

There are Four Distinct MECP Certification Levels

  • The Mobile Product Specialist certification enables this professional to explain and show any aftermarket technology and help you choose the proper product for your needs and vehicle, directing the process through installation.

  • The Basic Installation Technician certification shows that the associate has demonstrated sufficient experience in basic-level installations and fully understands and implements standard shop safety skills while being fully functional and effective through the installation process.

  • Advanced Installation Technician certification level requires the fundamental theory and practice of dealing with electrical circuits post-troubleshooting. This certification is given when the technician has at least one year of experience performing at a lower certification level. The additional knowledge in electrical theory and modern technology concepts enables this technician to handle difficult installation and troubleshooting jobs.

  • Master Installation Technician certification implies the highest level of certification within the MECP program. A technical associate who has gained this certification can handle any technological installation task in your vehicle. Because of the experience and knowledge level that comes with this certification, most Master Technicians run and oversee the facilities where technology car upgrades are performed and act as supervisors to other technicians with lower certification levels.

The Accrued Benefits of Dealing with MECP-Certified Technicians are Clear

For anyone interested in having electronic aftermarket components installed, the choice is obvious. The more complex the functionality of your intended vehicle technology solution is, the more important the experience of the professional installer becomes. Faced with potential warranty and insurance liabilities in case installations go wrong, it is a safe bet to employ the most professional standard in the automotive industry for technology implementations and installations.

What is interesting is that car aftermarket installation specialists who are MECP-certified are still friendlier on your wallet than going to a luxury brand dealership with their exorbitant hourly fees and limited aftermarket car audio upgrade components. After all, their job in the eyes of the car manufacturer is to push the brand components and not allow aftermarket car audio upgrades from superior manufacturers to “invade their space”.

Hence, going to an aftermarket car audio specialist like Sound Sensations with our licensed technicians gives the vehicle owner a sense of double peace of mind: the widest selection of top-quality aftermarket car audio systems installed by certified technicians who understand the latest technology coupled with significant cost savings when compared to luxury brand dealerships. Contact us today to get started with all your luxury vehicle upgrades.

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