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Top Aftermarket Car Upgrades for Summer

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Summer With the Best Aftermarket Car Accessories

Many car owners and auto enthusiasts are excited about the warm weather, lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, and the freedom that they will have this summer. This is a great opportunity for you to upgrade your vehicles this summer with some excellent aftermarket products.

Sound Sensations has some of the best aftermarket car accessories that an auto enthusiast can find. You’re sure to find what you want to turn your vehicle into your dream car! We offer accessories for safety and security, car stereo supplies, window tint, and other great automobile solutions. If you are looking for the best aftermarket car parts, seek out Sound Sensations.

Safety and Security

Sound Sensations offers great aftermarket accessories that make your vehicle safer and more secure. The first security feature we offer is a radar detector. This allows you to know when a police officer might be checking for your speed. Sound Sensations knows that sometimes drivers get caught between changing speed zones, and having a radar detector can allow you to know the speed you should drive so that you can reach your destination safely without being pulled over.

Another top summer upgrade is adding a remote start system that allows you to start your car from any location. This can be useful in the summer when you don’t want to go outside in the heat to start your vehicle. A remote start system allows you to start your vehicle from the comfort of your air-conditioned home, or any location you choose depending on the specifications of the system.

Sound Sensations also offers dashboard cameras that can be used to record interactions on the road. This safety feature allows you to record what is going on around your vehicle from the dash, which is a vital safety feature in case anything that is recorded ever needs to be used in a criminal or civil case. The critical recordings can be used to help you with issues that they might have in the future, and the dashcam is a great way for the truth to come out.

Lastly, Sound Sensations offers the best aftermarket car accessories for security from companies like Voxx Electronics. These additional safety and security products reinforce the peace of mind that every driver wants.

Audio Systems

Every automobile enthusiast knows that the sound system is one of the most noticeable and important features in any vehicle. We offer some of the best aftermarket solutions you can buy. If you are looking for car stereo installation this summer, Sound Sensations has you covered with an array of product offerings. We have speakers of every size, shape, and type that a car owner could look for. The products come from great businesses like Focal, Hertz, Kenwood, Pioneer, and more. These reputable brands will enhance your driving experience.

For audio systems, a great subwoofer is also a wonderful asset to have. A subwoofer can enhance the sound by emphasizing the bass in the music and giving the listener a completely unique experience. A subwoofer expresses sounds that basic speakers simply cannot manage, such as low notes and bass. This summer you can get new subwoofers installed at Sound Sensations. We offer many great product lines like JL Audio, Kenwood, and Pioneer. These ageless brands offer some of the best subwoofers on the market, which leads to a closer connection between the car enthusiast and their vehicle.

Amplifiers power the subwoofers and can optimize their performance. As expected, we offer some of the best amplifiers on the market and enable drivers to get the maximum performance from their subwoofers. The amplifier not only makes the music sound louder, but it can enhance the clearness and the overall quality of the music as well. Sound Sensations offers amplifiers from industry leaders like JL Audio, Hertz, Kenwood, and Pioneer.


Every driver knows tinted windows can be great for a vehicle. Tinted windows can be particularly useful in the summer when the sun is out and it gets hot. Since tinted windows reflect light, they can make the vehicle cooler. Not only that, but they can make things easier for the driver to see when the sun is out.

Sound Sensations offers great aftermarket tinted windows and installation that can help drivers enhance their driving experience this summer. The tinted windows that we offer are durable, enhance safety, are great for security, and can give a vehicle a fresh and custom look.

Car Audio and Accessory Installation in Marietta, GA

As you can see, Sound Sensations offers the best aftermarket car parts and installation on the market. Whether you want added security in your vehicle, a top-notch audio system, fresh new tinted windows, or more, Sound Sensations is the place to be. Stop by today.

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