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Subwoofers: What’s Trending Now?

view of subwoofer and stereo system

Turn Up the Bass With Sound Sensations’ Subwoofer Installation Services

Every audiophile can agree that music is felt more than it’s heard. And when that deep, heavy bass hits just right on the highway, you may be inclined to take the long way home.

Bass notes create long sound waves, which require a lot of energy to produce. Most car manufacturers have to cram as much audio technology into speakers as possible, leaving no room for ample bass and resulting in poor sound quality.

Aftermarket subwoofers can help you take in every note and turn your daily commutes up to 11. Just this addition can completely transform your car’s stereo system and take it from basic to pro.

Believe it or not, subwoofers for cars are constantly evolving with new features and capabilities to enhance your listening experience. We’re always excited by the latest and greatest in this space and the technologies that are making our lives - and most importantly, our customers’ lives - even better.

Here are four popular subwoofer trends we can’t get enough of!

Sleek, Compact Design

Just like many other technologies on the market today, subwoofers are decreasing in size, but not in quality.

Popular brands like Pioneer and JL Audio have created low-profile, shallow-mount designs that can fit in even the tightest spaces. Traditional subwoofers can be difficult to place and require large enclosures, but newer models keep more of your car’s valuable real estate open. Forget having to sacrifice your trunk. Depending on your vehicle, compact subwoofers can be installed behind seats, under seats, or even in small storage compartments.

The best part? You’ll still be able to enjoy the same dynamic low frequencies that larger models are known for.

Installation Flexibility

Manufacturers of aftermarket subwoofers are giving installers a wider range of options to better suit different vehicle applications. A car’s layout has often impacted the type of subwoofer that can be installed, limiting your choices on how you’d like the sound distributed.

The good news is that more and more companies are offering subwoofers with different orientation capabilities to encourage a seamless integration. Take Pioneer’s TS-A2000LB, TS-A2500LB, and TS-A3000LB models, for example. These designs can be installed in three different ways: