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Looking Ahead: The Future of Smart Home Automation

Homes In Georgia Are Getting Smarter With Smart Home Devices

How smart is your home? This is a question that up until recent years, many of us never felt the need to ask. However, new technology has given us the capabilities to live in an almost "Jetson" like era. Many of the things we expected to arrive at some distant time in the future have been making their way into our homes today.

Many of these upgrades may feel intimidating or confusing at first, but here at Sound Sensations Home Theater and Car Audio, we offer many products and services to create the smart home of your dreams.

We make the process simple and stress-free to add the newest and most advanced technologies in smart home systems to your everyday life.


Superior smart home devices begin with superior lighting. Lighting can make or break the ambiance of a room. We at Sound Sensations Home Theater and Car Audio offer the latest and greatest in smart home lighting. Some of the best smart home brands in lighting are easily within reach and available for purchase and installation from us.

Lighting can include anything from smart light bulbs, to automatic lighting, to lighting that changes as the daylight shifts. We can also customize lighting in a smart home depending on the room the lighting is installed in. For example, a home theatre has different lighting needs than a family or dining room.

Going hand in hand with lighting, we offer QMotion automated window shades that make it effortless to raise and lower your window shades. With QMotion shades, you can block harsh sun rays or get the benefits of the morning daylight all with the touch of a button.


Many families have upgraded traditional thermostats in their homes to digital versions over the last decade or so. The newest thermostats can be controlled by your smartphone even when you are away from home. This feature is a great way to ensure you can save on utility bills by adjusting the temperature while away and readjusting it to a comfortable level before you come back.

Here at Sound Sensations Home Theater and Car Audio, we offer in-home smart thermostat installation so that you can upgrade to the latest smart thermostat technology. This is a great way to get started in smart home innovations while cutting costs and saving on energy at the same time.

Security systems

An essential element of any smart home system is the addition of a security system. This can include a video doorbell, live feed cameras with audio, motion sensors, and more. With a smart home security system, you can be informed the second a package gets delivered to your doorstep or if you have an unwanted guest.

In addition, many times, the recordings of these houseguests can be saved for viewing at a later date if need be. You will always know what is going on outside of your home wherever the cameras are pointing. There are also systems in which you can have a third-party company monitor your home for you if you choose.

Sound Sensations Home Theater and Car Audio offers many top brands to suit any need in smart home security. It is a small price to pay for peace of mind. This piece of your smart home puzzle is one that we highly recommend.

Total control

These are just a few examples of the different types of technologies that can be added to a whole smart home system. Many more components can be added based on what your family wants and needs. You can add as few or as many smart home features as you want. The sky's the limit when creating your perfect and newly updated smart home system.

Being able to control your entire home from the convenience of your smartphone is powerful. We at Sound Sensations Home Theater and Car Audio make everything quick and easy to access wherever and whenever you need to. Our top-notch brands will give you up-to-date information about what is going on in your home no matter how far away you might be.

Smart home systems go much further beyond simple smart speakers and smart TVs that many think of. Smart home systems can integrate almost every aspect of your home to make your busy life as easy and convenient as possible. Our team of experts at Sound Sensations can help you through every step of the process, from choosing which products will be right for you all the way through to final installation. When you’re ready to make your home work for you, contact us at Sound Sensations in Marietta.

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