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Increase the Security of Your Vehicle With a Dash Cam

Let Sound Sensations Give You an Extra Eye on the Road

At Sound Sensations, we offer only the best brands of dash cams so you can feel protected when something goes wrong on the road. This incredible auto accessory is becoming increasingly popular in Georgia, because it offers so much more than simple footage of your drive.

Check out why it’s time to call Sound Sensations for a dash cam installation and find out how you can increase the security of your vehicle.

You Always Have a Second-Set of Eyes

With the latest dash cams from brands like Cobra and Kenwood, you always have access to first-hand evidence when you’re in a car accident. Top-quality dash cams can record who’s at fault in an accident, which can keep your insurance premiums from increasing.

Dash cams can also help when you’re the victim of a hit-and-run. Dishonest drivers may decide to flee the scene, but your dash cam catches details that may help police track down the responsible party.

Dash Cams Let You Relax at Home While Your Teen Is Driving

Technology for dash cams has come a long way since they first were available. Old dash cams could only take short video footage, but the latest brands have advanced technology that allow you to enable GPS tracking on your device, while simultaneously providing you with superior video footage of their drive.

Purchase a Dash Cam and Increase Your Vehicle Security

The latest dash cams from elite brands like Waylens have automotive security cameras that record in a full, 360-degree circle. Have complete command over security installation by pairing your Waylens dash cam with their smartphone app, so you can check on your ride from anywhere, 24/7.

Most modern dash cams turn on as soon as you start your vehicle, which means anyone trying to steal your car will be caught on a high-definition camera immediately.

You Can Still Have Fun With Your Dash Cam

Of course, quality security installation with a premier dash cam should be your number one priority - but recording a relaxing journey or safely recording a viral trend is a tremendous benefit of purchasing a dash cam, too.

Our dash cams allow you to manage your video footage through cloud services provided by your chosen dash cam brand. That means when you capture something unexpected while you’re driving, you can easily find the footage to review moments, days, or weeks later.

Turn to Sound Sensations for Incredible Dash Cam Installations in Georgia!

When you want dash cam or security installation for your vehicle you can rely on, turn to the experts at Sound Sensations! We can help you choose the right auto accessories to help you feel confident on the road and secure when your vehicle is parked. Plus, you won’t find more experienced installers anywhere else in Georgia.

To schedule an appointment with our team to install a dash cam or to find out more about advanced vehicle security installation, call Sound Sensations at (770) 429-1600 or contact us online. Ask a member of our team about how you can finance your security installations with Acima!

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