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Get Better Protection With Custom-Installed Radar Detectors

Sound Sensations Can Help You Stay Alert on the Road

When you’re looking for long-range protection from radars in your personal vehicle, a custom-installed radar detector is the only way to go. They offer fewer distractions while you’re driving, better range, and a lot more features, so you reach your destination quickly and safely. Look at why Sound Sensations custom radar detector installation is your best choice to avoid a costly speed trap.

Professionally installed radar detectors use larger antennas that allow them to detect weaker signals and provide longer warnings. In fact, most high-quality radar detectors can detect radar gun signals at ranges between 1,500 and 3,500 feet, depending on which system you choose.

Why You Need Custom Radar Detector Installation From Sound Sensations

Laser signals, also known as LIDAR signals, are now what law enforcement uses when they are looking for speeding drivers. That’s because it takes less than a second for your speed to be obtained by a LIDAR gun, which means you need a reliable detection system that has pinpoint accuracy.

We only carry Cobra and ESCORT radar detectors at Sound Sensations, because they are the best on the market. While other radar detectors from the store or online merely sweep for older kinds of radar signals, these two brands also detect laser signals for a complete defense solution against getting a pricey speeding ticket.

The ESCORT Max Ci 360 is one of our newest editions in our laser and radar detection systems. It has customizable features that suit your particular driving style to keep you alert on the road. Key features include:

  • Bluetooth enabled connectivity

  • Dot matrix LED display

  • GPS antenna

  • Optional ShifterMAX laser shifters and rear radar sensor

Even better, ESCORT and Cobra laser and radar detector systems have price points that work well with any budget. Ask a member of our team about Acima, one of our incredible purchase options that allows you to finance your aftermarket car accessories with no credit needed.

Are Radar Detectors Legal in Georgia?

Yes! Laser radar detector systems are legal in private vehicles in Georgia. That doesn’t mean all detection systems are alike. The team at Sound Sensations can install a reliable radar detection system that shares real-time alerts to your smartphone and has tech that learns to reject false alerts.

Where Can I Find the Most Reliable Radar Detectors and Car Accessories Near Me?

Sound Sensations believes every driver should follow the laws and speed limits created by Georgia. It’s the only way to keep everyone safe on the road and get you to your destination safely.

However, sometimes you might not notice when the speed limit changes from one area to another. That’s where custom installed laser and radar detection can remind you to slow down and focus on driving safely.

We can install top-quality detection systems and other auto accessories that fit discreetly and seamlessly into your vehicle. If you’re interested in upgrading your vehicle at Sound Sensations, call our shop in Marietta at (770) 429-1600 or send us a message online.

Sound Sensations also performs commercial and residential installations! Ask us how you can get smart home automation, home theater installation, audio and video for conference rooms, shading controls, and more!

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