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6 Benefits of Installing Smart Home Technology

Home Automation Technology Gives You a True Smart Home

Smart home technology has really come of age. As we all walk around with smartphones and more and more appliances are connected to the internet, we have the perfect setup for smart homes at our fingertips. It’s no longer something only for the wealthy - smart home technology is available to all.

Seeing as nowadays, over 40% of people have smartphones, there are so many ways to use them for smart home technology applications, and here are six of them.

Controllable lights

Almost everyone is guilty of leaving the lights on at some point, and if you have kiddos, you know there’s always an extra light or two on that doesn’t need to be. Smart home technology and apps are available to give you more control and many more options over how to light up your home. Timers can be set according to local sunsets and sunrises to save power usage during daytime hours.

Smart thermostats

The second way that installing smart home technology can be a benefit is by helping your wallet and the environment. By installing a smart thermostat, temperatures can be set to your preference and maintained through the system or app. This makes it possible to be in control of your home's power usage, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. The system can be set to manage it all for you, making saving money and reducing your power usage very easy. You never have to worry about adjusting those settings ever again.

Stronger security

The third benefit of a smart home app is peace of mind that your home will be monitored for security when you’re not home. If you have a family at home that you want to make sure is safe, a smart home app can help you set alarms and cameras to keep a watchful, protective eye on your home. Smart cameras can alert you when there are unexpected visitors, or you can use a third-party monitoring company that keeps an eye on the exterior of your home at all times.

Better monitoring of your home

A smart home app can have motion detection devices connected so you can see who and what is moving about your property. This is especially helpful during the holidays when you may expect packages. Often theft happens when homeowners are not home and unable to be notified of a delivery. With smart security, the homeowner can be in control and aware of what comes and goes at all times.

Control all your devices

The fifth benefit of owning home automation technology is being able to customize your home's look and control devices easily within the system. It can control appliances in your home which enables you to further reduce power consumption by keeping off appliances not in use when needed. It also offers a sense of safety, knowing that nothing is left on by mistake if you are to leave the home with appliances still in use.

With the right device choices, you can automate many of the things that used to be a chore. Your fridge can automatically reorder food for you. Your vacuum cleaner will sweep the house for you, unattended. You can use voice activation for your lights, or ask your virtual assistant about the latest sports scores. What’s particularly great about modern smart technology is how simple it all is to set up, too.

Supercharge your entertainment

Finally, the ultimate benefit of owning smart home technology is that that pretty much anything in your entertainment needs can be met. Using Sound Sensations’ smart home technology, you can create an at-home experience worth the price of admission. We can hook up to all of your devices and set them up in your home. You’ll have the ability to customize your experience easily and efficiently. You can have a large media library and stream it to every device you own in and out of your home. Automatically download new movies or get recommendations on new music without leaving the comfort of your couch. Watch movies together in sync with loved ones who are thousands of miles away.

Smart home technology used to be expensive and complicated to set up. Thankfully, ubiquitous Wi-Fi and smartphones have simplified the process substantially. There are now thousands of products for the home that have some level of smart intelligence, and it can be really fun to get all your gadgets and appliances working together to improve your daily routines. The sky's the limit with smart home technology, and now is the right time to get on board.

Give us a call today at 770-429-1600 to turn your house into an efficient smart home.

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