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5 Tips for Keeping Your Car Cool This Summer

Window Tinting and Remote Start Installation in Atlanta

Trying to stay cool during the summer can be a chore. Keeping your car cool can be even harder. Because of the direct sunlight and hot temperatures, cars get real hot, real fast. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep your car nice and cool during the hot summer months.

We won’t suggest that these are groundbreaking discoveries, but here are some simple tips that can make your motoring life more comfortable this summer.

Use a sunshade

Hot temperatures are only one reason your car can get hot. Direct sunlight can still be absorbed by your car, turning it into a sedan-sized oven. By blocking the sunlight, you can keep your car from getting any hotter than it needs to be.

Sunshades do just that. Buying and placing a sunshade against your car windows can prevent those rays from the sun from being absorbed, thus keeping the temperature of your car cooler.

If you want something creative, many sunshades come with original designs or they can have your favorite character printed on them for extra style.

Tint your windows

Speaking of blocking sunlight, tinting your windows can be another significant step toward keeping your car from getting hot. Just like sunshades, window tinting can help block the sunlight from being absorbed by your car, and it can sometimes even reflect the sunlight away.

Also, while sunshades fit most front windshields, that still leaves side windows vulnerable. Tinting your windows fixes that problem in a jiffy.

Window tint installation is usually quick and not too expensive, so you don't have to worry about having any trouble scheduling a tint for your car. A quick search for "window tint near me" should pull up plenty of options for you. Or, look no further than Sound Sensations - our team of experts have installed window tint thousands of times and can get you in and out in no time.

Window tinting is the best way to reduce the heat in your car or truck, and it’s inexpensive, too.

Park in your garage when possible

It's time to clean out your garage so your car can fit in it! While a sunshade and window tinting can keep your car cool, there's only so much you can do during a hot summer day. That said, getting your car out of the weather and into a cooler environment is also a great idea.

If you own a garage, park your car in it during the summer. It offers protection from the sun, and it won't get too hot while it's resting in a room temperature environment.

If you don't have a garage, you can also park in a shaded area. Parking under trees or behind buildings can help keep sunlight out of your car as an alternative to parking in a garage.

Install a remote start for your car

Let's say you don't have a garage to put your car in. You can always start your car beforehand and let the A/C cool it down. Still, that would mean sitting in your hot car until it cools, or standing outside in the heat.

Luckily, you can install a remote start in your car and turn it on before you even step foot outside. Remote start installation is easy depending on how new your vehicle is, and there are plenty of remote start brands whose vehicles already come with that ability. If you're in the market for a new vehicle, making sure the one you get has a remote start is recommended.

Once the car is on, you can let the A/C do its job and get your vehicle to a proper temperature before you even enter it. Aside from the walk from your house to your car, you won't even realize how hot it is. At Sound Sensations, we have a variety of aftermarket remote starters to choose from.

Make sure your A/C works properly

The most efficient way to keep your vehicle cool is to have a good air conditioning unit. Unfortunately, a lot of vehicles' A/C don't work properly. Yours might not work correctly and you might not even know it. It is recommended that you take your vehicle to get its A/C checked at least once a year.

Colder air means cooler days in the summer. Also, a faulty A/C unit could mean other problems for your car. For instance, if you notice your car only blows cold air while you're accelerating, it could mean you are low on freon, or it might point to trouble with another part of your car that you might not be aware of. If it's been a while since you've gotten it checked, search for your nearest A/C specialist today.

Window Tinting and Remote Start Installation at Sound Sensations in Marietta

If you want to hit the road without the heat, contact our team at Sound Sensations. Our product experts can help you find the perfect products for your vehicle make and model, and our highly experienced installation techs will ensure the perfect fit and function. Stay cool this summer at Sound Sensations! Stop by and see us at our Marietta showroom.

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