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What Kind of Marine Audio System Is Best for My Boat - and Can I Install Speakers on My Jet Ski?

We Have the Answers to Your Top Marine Audio Questions at Sound Sensations

The best way to spend Georgia summers is on the water. When the days turn long and the weather heats up, it’s time to break out your boat, jump on your Jet Ski, and crank your favorite tunes.

However, you don’t want to lose your headphones or smartphone while you’re making waves.

So, can you install a marine audio system on a motorboat, and is it possible to listen to music on a Jet Ski without headphones? Find the answers to your questions in this fast guide on marine audio from the experts at Sound Sensations.

They Seem Like the Same Thing - Why Can’t I Install Car Speakers on My Boat?

Essentially, car audio and boat audio use the same technology. However, they are manufactured with very different materials.

That’s because your boat speakers and other marine audio components have to withstand water, salt corrosion, extreme temperatures, direct exposure to UV light, and a lot more than just your average wear and tear.

Most marine audio parts are made with high-quality, waterproof plastic to ensure durability. For instance, car speakers are made with paper cones, which can’t withstand any kind of moisture or they’ll warp and distort the sound coming out of your speakers.

Speakers for your boat or Jet Ski use plastic cones to keep the music going all summer long.

You Need to Custom-Fit Most Boat Speakers and Marine Audio Systems

If you own a boat or Jet Ski, then you know space for a new marine audio system is limited. It also means that the wires and electrical components in your personal watercraft are tightly compact and difficult to work with.

It’s also important to note that most marine audio installations require waterproofing, which makes a DIY installation a lot more difficult. It’s important to find a capable technician to install your boat speakers and other marine audio components.

That way, you can be sure the structure of your personal watercraft stays intact, and your marine audio system is in optimal condition.

Don’t make an expensive mistake with your high-quality marine audio by performing an DIY installation. Instead, schedule an appointment with Sound Sensations, and get your install done quickly and correctly.

So, Can I Get Theater-Like Sound on My Boat With Marine Audio Installation?

You’ll still hear all the high-notes with marine tweeters and feel the low-notes with marine subwoofers, but your boat won’t sound quite like a movie theater.