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These Are the Upgrades You Should Add Before You List Your Jet Ski for Sale

Marine Audio Upgrades Will Add the Perfect Amount of Value to Your Jet Ski Before You Sell

A jet ski is a fun, durable, and eye-catching marine vehicle, but when you’re looking to list it for sale, you may want to consider the most state-of-the-art upgrades that you might not have purchased for yourself, but know that someone who is looking to buy will require for their new water adventure.

You also want to be able to differentiate your vehicle from others on the market. Whether it’s the installation of a jet ski stereo system, or other upgrades that improve sound quality, Sound Sensations has you covered. In business for more than 40 years, we pride ourselves on installing marine audio and car audio installation, but we’re also here to provide up-to-date tips that will help you upgrade when you’re moving on to new machines, and selling the old.

That’s why we’ve put together this essential upgrade list to make your jet ski the best option for eager buyers, and, of course, we’re starting with marine audio.

Essential Upgrade #1: Let a Marine Audio Upgrade Give the Buyer a Soundtrack on the Water

Most jet ski enthusiasts have watched a YouTube video or two before buying a jet ski of their own, and, whether or not they can pull them off, have likely watched a jet ski make some serious moves on the water. These videos have one thing in common that enhances the watching experience: a soundtrack.

This is why you should consider installing a jet ski stereo system as an upgrade. When the buyer encounters your ride, they can suddenly envision themselves blasting tunes as they rip through the water - just like in the videos. Installing a marine audio system gives a new rider that added push to buy, as they may have encountered other offers that don’t have marine audio installed. A marine audio system can even let the new jet ski rider express their personal taste and style as they dock.

While there’s a misconception that jet skis can’t support marine audio systems, or replicate the experience of a boat stereo, we’ve cleared that up for you here. Sound Sensations can professionally install your jet ski stereo system to make sure you’re catching the eye of prospective buyers who might be surprised by this important, but accessible upgrade.

Essential Upgrade #2: Go a Step Further with a Subwoofer for Your Marine Audio Upgrade

With a careful installation by a highly trained, certified marine audio technician, your jet ski will not only provide a soundtrack on the water, but can do so with more fidelity and force.

A subwoofer upgrade is logical for any buyer who is on the market because this is an additional jet ski stereo system upgrade they are going to be thinking about hand-in-hand with having music on their ride.

You might know this from car audio installation: a subwoofer can bring out the bass sounds that will project your music taste even when you’re making waves. Most jet ski buyers are looking to make an impact when they’re out on the water having fun, and now they can do that with their music, too. No new buyer would want to find out their audio system doesn’t have the marine audio fidelity that can turn a typical jet ski experience into an exceptional one.

Essential Upgrade #3: Make Sure It’s a Professional Marine Audio Install

There are, of course, several handling and cosmetic upgrades to your jet ski that would make sense for anyone looking to attract curious buyers. However, since many people aren’t aware of the full capability of marine audio integration on a jet ski, even when they know it’s possible for most other boat stereos, a jet ski stereo system and a subwoofer upgrade are our most urgent recommendations.

However, you also don’t want a marine audio installation that is going to disappoint the buyer. You want a clean, professional boat stereo installation completed by a company committed to customer satisfaction and high-quality workmanship.

Leave this to Sound Sensations. We are proud to be a platinum member of M.E.S.A. (Mobile Electronic Services of America), and our technicians and sales reps are professionally trained by all our manufacturers of jet ski stereo systems and boat stereos. No stranger to any vehicle, we also specialize in car audio installation, so we know the ropes.

Today’s Jet Ski Owner Deserves Quality, Especially When It Comes to Marine Audio

You can remember what it was like when you bought your first jet ski. You were looking for the features that would ensure quality, and separate your purchase from the rest. Since you’ve been in your buyer’s shoes, you know they are going to be looking at what sets your jet ski apart, especially in the realm of key upgrades like jet ski stereo systems.

At Sound Sensations, we can help. Call us at (770) 429-1600 to find out more about what we have to offer for marine audio systems, including boat stereos, jet ski stereo systems, and more. Already an expert player in the car audio installation market, we also want to help you give your jet ski the upgrades it deserves so that you and your buyer are happy.

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