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Sound Sensations Guide to Tweeters

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Getting to Know Tweeter Speakers and How to Upgrade

Tweeters are a type of speaker that are small in size and produce high-frequency sound waves. Much like a bird tweets, these speakers produce higher audio sounds that a standard speaker can’t. Paired with subwoofers and other speakers, tweeters add incredible range to your audio.

The detailed range of tweeter speakers allows for more nuanced and comprehensive playback. Tweeters require an amplifier to convert the electrical signal into sound, so do consider an amp if you don’t already have one. You’ll need it for your tweeters to reach their full potential.

When you’re considering the integration of tweeter speakers into your home or vehicle, finding the right brand, installation, and speaker combination is critical. Sound Sensations carries several high-quality brands of speakers that would please even the most discerning of audiophiles. Our team of experts can help you find the right speakers for your audio system that perfectly suits your listening preferences, no matter what musical genre you lean towards.

When identifying the best tweeters and speakers for you, the brand makes a big difference. We believe in only carrying products that meet our standards of quality and performance. However, don’t think that means your audio upgrades will break your bank account. Our product line can accommodate an array of different audio needs, budgets, and styles. If you’re ready to upgrade your stereo system, check out four of our favorite audio brands for tweeter speakers!

JL Audio Tweeters

JL Audio offers quality sound at a reasonable price. JL Audio’s tweeters feature additional damping to reduce ringing and improve the tweeter’s sound without sacrificing any of the high frequency.

With three options for tweeters ranging from $89 to $180, there’s something for everyone. The C1-100ct 1-inch component tweeters are the best value at $89 per pair and are ideal for someone who is building out their system on a budget. These tweeters can be flush-mounted or surface-mounted, and come with the required installation fixtures. If you’re considering these speakers, Sound Sensations' skilled team can help you navigate all your installation needs!

Rockford Fosgate Tweeters

When it comes to your car audio, sound quality can make or break the driving experience. Rockford Fosgate is one of the most highly regarded brands when it comes to speakers. With several options for reliable car tweeters, you can’t go wrong.

The Power 1” Tweeter Kit is an affordable, yet powerful option for your car speakers. This kit comes in two styles - fabric and aluminum. The aluminum adds a different tonal quality and improves the overall listening experience. These tweeter speakers have built-in protection and bypass resistor for 100% playtime and three levels of attenuation with an on/off axis. You’ll love the clean, crisp sound in your vehicle!

Pioneer Tweeters

With 330w power designed for hi-res audio, Pioneer’s TS-Z65F will completely transform your audio experience. Having used highly advanced technology to design this series of car tweeters, the Pioneer brand is upping the ante in terms of what high-frequency speakers are capable of. Retailing around $200, you definitely will get your money’s worth when you invest in these future-forward speakers. Sound aficionados will have a hard time finding any flaws - they’re that good!

Pioneer developed a Vertex Drive System for their tweeters that helps reduce distortion caused by low damping and power handling. This means you’ll get the highest quality sound when using these aluminum dome speakers. However, with a system this intricate, it’s important you get it properly installed. A poor installation will result in less-than-stellar playback. To ensure your system is installed and mounted correctly, contact the team at Sound Sensations.

Hertz Tweeters

Hertz has speakers fit for every lifestyle. With three different speaker lines, there’s a tweeter that will seamlessly complement the rest of your stereo system. They’re perfect for audiophiles who won’t settle for anything less than the best. If you’re not sure what car tweeters are ideal for you, you can explore each of Hertz’ speaker lines: Dieci, Cento, and Mille.

From the Mille line, check out the ML 280.3 Legend, a fan-favorite tweeter speaker among the car audio crowd. This innovative speaker features high-density damping materials, a pure copper short circuit ring for high frequency extension, and a Tetolon fiber dome for lower distortion and improved dispersion.

Visit Sound Sensations To Explore All Your Tweeter Speaker Options

Are you ready to upgrade your audio system? With a plethora of choices, we’re here to help guide you through the process and help you have fun while doing it. Sound Sensations can assist in the buying process, installation, and we can even assist you with financing.

If you’re ready to get tweeter speakers, reach out to us by sending a message online or by calling (770) 429-1600 to talk to one of our skilled team members.

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