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Slick Summer Vibes for Your Automobile

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Aftermarket car accessories to get your car ready for summer

Summer is the season we can enjoy our vehicles the most. With careful planning, you and your family can go on a new adventure every weekend or even take a longer trip now that the kids are out of school. This summer feels particularly perfect for galavanting, as we’ve all been cooped up inside for too long. Now it’s time to get your vehicle shipshape and ready for summer fun.

Simple car maintenance

Before you head off with gusto, make sure your car is maintained well. You might have neglected a few things over the winter. Check your oil and coolant levels and the air filter. Make sure the tire pressure is right on all your tires and ensure the tread depth is safe. If you need new wheels or tires, we offer hundreds of cool designs that will make your vehicle look fantastic while improving its grip, speed, and road economy.

Test the turn signals, headlights, and brake. You might need to rotate your tires, wax your vehicle, or get long-term problems with your transmission, shocks, coolant, or spark plugs addressed.

Every season, check whether your windshield wipers need to be replaced. Check the battery, too, as it’ll put a damper on your trips if your car won’t start.

Window tinting

While you perform all this important maintenance, consider ways you could improve your driving experience. The most important upgrade for summer driving is window tinting. Window tints can block around 70% of the heat from the sun, making for a more comfortable trip. It’s particularly noticeable when you first jump back into your car after it’s been waiting in the baking sun. Instead of a sticky, humid, uncomfortable mess, your vehicle’s cockpit will be relatively cool.

Do you find the glare from the sun annoying when driving in the summer? You can avoid it with window tinting. You also get UV protection that’s equivalent to SPF 285, so it’s more healthy, too. You can save on fuel costs as you don’t need to run your air conditioning so high, and you protect your upholstery and dashboard from fading.

Window tinting offers a huge range of benefits for summer driving. It’s an inexpensive, clever upgrade to your car that pays for itself very quickly.

Car stereo replacement

Another upgrade that instantly makes your vehicle a more exciting place to be is the car stereo. If you have a boring head unit that doesn’t offer many extra features then you’re missing out. Even relatively new vehicles can come with subpar car audio features. A cool stereo system with the latest features can elevate how passengers view your vehicle.

When you think of ‘car stereo installation near me’, be sure to get a unit that has built-in Bluetooth. This means you can connect any audio device that supports Bluetooth to your car’s audio system and blast the tunes of your choice.

Usually, this means connecting your phone, and if you do plan on using your phone with your car stereo installation, choose a system that supports CarPlay and Android Auto. This means that apps on your phone pair much better with your car stereo, allowing them to do things like display alerts or play videos on the screen. You can use this system to make hands-free calls with people, too.

Great speakers and processing

The enclosed space of a vehicle makes it a fantastic place to listen to music. With the right speakers and subwoofers, you can have an amazing audio experience that’s better than almost any home theater system. When thinking ‘car audio near me’, you should be thinking of companies like Kenwood, Pioneer, Scosche, and Jensen. The speakers and subwoofers you can get from these companies make for an unreal audio experience.

Car audio needs a certain amount of fine-tuning, which is why we recommend professional car stereo installation. Besides the head unit and the speakers, you will need an amplifier. This ensures the signals your speakers receive are strong enough.

You may also want to consider a separate digital processing unit. This is the perfect system for fine-tuning a sub-par stereo system. You can often get a lot more out of a reasonably good factory stereo by installing a new digital processing unit.

You can always round out this upgrade with a rear-seat entertainment system. For a surprisingly low cost, you can add a complete entertainment system to your car that makes it a super fun place to be for all the family, so your road trips can be even more exciting.

Finding car audio installation near you

As you can see, there are a vast variety of options to choose from when it comes to updating your vehicle, even within the realm of car audio. When it comes to making the right choice, you want to find the top car audio brands, along with expert car audio installation. This is where the team at Sound Sensations comes in. Our product experts and factory-trained installation technicians are ready and waiting to help you upgrade your car in whatever ways you can dream! Stop by our store today to get started shopping.

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