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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Whole-Home Audio?

Get Your Home Audio Upgrades from Sound Sensations in Marietta, GA

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Whole-home audio is a high-tech upgrade that will completely change how you experience entertainment. At Sound Sensations, we’re experts in all things audio. Our professional installation team can transform your home with a new, multiroom house audio system for a modern, convenient environment. We’re experts in the Control4 whole house audio systems and can help you personalize your system for your lifestyle. Once you experience it, you won’t be able to live without it!

What is Whole-Home Audio and Do You Need It?

Whole-home audio is a multi-speaker system throughout a house, so you can automatically play music regardless of what room you’re in. The audio system is strategically designed to best fit your home and needs and is completely customizable!

Get rid of the endless chargers, plug-ins, and headphones. Instead, listen to music anywhere in your home and manage your entire home’s audio system with the click of a few buttons.

There are several different ways to have a successful whole house audio system, but arguably the most effective is a wireless, professionally installed system. While smart speakers can create a multi-room audio experience, it can be difficult to sync up all of the devices.

Home audio installation is easy - not only do the professionals set up everything for you, but the advanced technology is far superior to the DIY methods. Plus, with whole-home audio, you’ll get much better sound quality than with smaller, cheaper speakers.

Access Music Streaming Services Using Whole-Home Audio

When you use Sound Sensations for home audio installation, you’re gaining access to all the mainstream music platforms no matter where you are in your home. A whole-home audio system is advanced - you can listen to your favorite streaming services and on-demand music with Control4 audio systems. Choose from endless options of songs, playlists, and more from any room, without having to buy extra devices.

Whole-Home Audio Comes with High Quality Speakers

Unlike the average store-bought home speaker, whole house audio creates crisp, high-resolution sound that fills the space. Don’t settle for low-quality speakers that can’t capture the best qualities of music! Sound Sensation is a proud retailer and installation team for Control4 because we respect and appreciate their high-quality speaker systems.

Consider our handcrafted soundbars for your home audio installation. These aesthetically appealing speakers are stronger and higher quality than your TV’s factory speakers. Each soundbar is made-to-order in lengths up to 82 inches, and you can seamlessly match your home’s style and decor with real-wood veneers and custom paint.

Whole-Home Audio Is Easy to Manage with Convenient Smart Features

Whole-home audio isn’t just a simple speaker system. There are tons of added features and advancements that make these systems worth every penny.

Easily control your audio system with a sleek touchscreen interface and access all of your streaming services. You can quickly manage your music and move the interface around your home with ease. Not near your interface? Simply download the Control4 app and you can manage your system easily from your smart device.

You can even use voice control to manage your whole house audio! Control4 easily integrates with Amazon Alexa, so you can use simple commands to play whatever you want, wherever you want in your home.

Key pads can also be installed throughout your home to make changing a song, pausing the music, or adjusting the volume easy with a few simple buttons. With professional installation from Sound Sensations, we can ensure all of these incredible features can perfectly sync up with the rest of your home, including your TV and smart home automation.

Are You Ready for Home Audio Installation from Sound Sensations?

There are endless ways to personalize your whole-home audio system to your life. Just talk to our awesome team to get started! We can assess exactly what you need in a high quality system that brings ease to every day.

We’ll ensure everything runs smoothly and that your audio system works seamlessly with your automatic lights, home theater, and more. Explore your options with Sound Sensations and take your home to the next level!

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