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Find Superior Vehicle Safety and Collision Solutions at Sound Sensations

Feel Secure With a Comprehensive Car Safety System

There isn’t another auto accessory store in Georgia that prioritizes your safety like Sound Sensations. That’s why we only stock the best brands in car safety and collision solutions. Our experts can install a full-range of safety products to address the needs of your car, truck, SUV, or commercial vehicle.

Look at just a few products we carry that will increase the safety and security of your vehicle, so you can feel confident and more relaxed during your drive.

Car Safety Cameras That Have Your Back

Properly installed vehicle safety cameras have been shown to dramatically reduce fatal car accidents. Active safety cameras can quickly spot a pedestrian near your vehicle, that you may not notice when you check your mirrors and blind spots.

Car safety cameras come in a variety of options. Talk to our team about high-brightness monitors, smart mirrors, and commercial-grade safety solutions, and we’ll help you customize your installation to suit your drive style.

Sensors and Blind Spot Detection Systems You Can Rely On

Never feel anxious about changing lanes on the highway ever again when you have Sound Sensations install a blind spot detection system on your vehicle. Brands like VOXX use interior LED indicators for audio and visual alerts that activate when they sense vehicles approaching your car.

Blind spot detection systems can also alert you to upcoming obstacles on the road. For instance, iBeam offers a detection system that not only detects objects in your path, it assists you with parking, too!

Come to the Professionals For All You Commercial Vehicle Safety Solutions

Our professional installers have years of experience in the auto solution industry. We can equip your entire fleet with safety and security installations that keep your drivers, customers, and investments protected.

Talk to our team about installing safety solutions that assist the driver, record driving history, and have lockable video storage to prevent tampering. Sound Sensations can even install commercial vehicle safety solutions for large semi-trucks.

Get Comprehensive Car Safety and Security Systems Designed Just For You

Vehicle safety doesn’t have to stop at sensors and exterior cameras. You can take safety to the next level with aftermarket accessories like remote start, dash cams, and radar detectors. Our team can design a comprehensive vehicle safety system to suit your needs so you can feel secure about your car, whether you're parked, making your daily commute, or on a long road trip.

Sound Sensations Is Your One-Stop-Shop for Car Safety Solutions

Don’t trust your vehicle with anyone other than Sound Sensations, where your safety is our number one priority! Our team will help you choose the best car safety, collision, and security solutions for your vehicle, and then expertly install them.

We even offer several purchase options to finance your new vehicle safety system, like Acima. It offers flexible payment options with a simple and easy application.

To schedule an installation and find out more about purchasing options, call us at (770) 429-1600 or send us a message online. Our team will be happy to help you!

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Robert Wilton
Robert Wilton
Feb 09, 2023

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