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Create an Immersive Movie-Watching Experience in Your Atlanta Home Theater

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Improve Your Home Audio and More With Sound Sensations in Atlanta

Your home theater is a safe haven - it can be relaxing, exciting, suspenseful, hilarious, or romantic. It’s the place where your family gathers and friends laugh together. And it deserves the best upgrades! In your Atlanta home theater, there’s a combination of factors that can seriously elevate the environment and quality of your space. Investing in your home theater will allow you to use and enjoy it even more.

At Sound Sensations, we care about improving your home theater setup. We’re experts in sound, but that’s just a fraction of what makes a home theater immersive. We’re here to help make sure your home theater is well-rounded for you and your family’s cinematic experience.

Add a Higher-Resolution Screen to Your Atlanta Home Theater

A key factor in a home theater setup is a large screen. Without this, you won’t get the same “movie theater” feel that you’re looking for. Usually, you’ll find either a projector or TV in a home theater. Both are great options, as long as you’re using high-quality products. At Sound Sensations, we recommend choosing a high-resolution, HD screen. This will make anything you’re watching look clearer, brighter, and higher quality in your Atlanta home theater.

The distance between your seating and the screen is also paramount to the viewing experience. This depends on the size of your theater screen. The typical rule of thumb is to take the width of your theater screen and multiply it by five to calculate the optimal distance. For example, if your theater screen is 70 inches wide, your last row of seats should be no further than 350 inches from the screen. This ensures prime visibility of the screen and less strain on your neck and eyes.

Your Atlanta Home Theater Deserves High Quality Sound

At Sound Sensations, home audio is our expertise. Whether you’re looking for a high-tech speaker system or a few updated tweaks, we make sure you’re getting the best sound quality in your theater. Your home audio is more important than you know! Without quality sound in your theater, you’ll find that you can’t fully experience what you’re watching to the best of your ability. With powerful speakers, amplifiers, and more, you’ll feel like you’re actually living in the movie that you’re watching.

Your home audio depends on the size, shape, and acoustics of the room. When you’re incorporating multiple speakers in your sound system, professional installation is imperative to ensure you get the most out of your speakers. You may hear strange distortion and irritating noises if even a small part of your system isn’t perfectly wired.

Sound Sensations has highly skilled professional installers who will make your Atlanta home theater sound excellent. Our team will show up to your home with the proper tools and testing equipment to ensure your sound quality is top notch. Plus, we’re always there to help, even after installation! You can always reach out to the team with questions or concerns, no matter how long it’s been since your installation.

Bring Ambient Lighting to Your Atlanta Home Theater

Lighting in your home theater can make or break the ambiance. If the lights are too bright, it can wash out the screen, hurt your eyes, and make your space feel less like a theater and more like a living room. Using theater-grade lighting that dims and brightens gently elevates your space and makes the room feel even more like a genuine theater.

Sound Sensations helps make your lighting shine. We can install smart lighting in your home theater and completely change the way you use your space. The best thing about our lighting installation is how customizable it is. You can truly make your lighting your own when you call our team. Imagine walking into your theater and with a simple “lights on” audible command they dim to the perfect theater-style glow. We can even program your lights so when you hit pause, the lights can automatically come back. The lighting options are truly limitless!

Visit Sound Sensations Today For Your Atlanta Home Theater Needs!

Our team prides itself on our versatility and problem solving skills. Whatever you need for your home theater, we’re here with recommendations and advice based on our expert opinions. Your Atlanta home theater deserves the luxurious treatment! Enhance your space with Sound Sensations and you’ll never want to leave your comfy seat. We are located in Marietta, the perfect location for everyone in the Atlanta area! You can contact us online, or call at (770) 429-1600.

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