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Brand Spotlight: Drive Connected With Kenwood Speakers

Updated: May 10, 2023

Getting the In-Vehicle Audio and Car Stereo Installation You Deserve

With so many aftermarket car audio brands out there, it can be overwhelming to find the best car audio brands. Kenwood is one of the top manufacturers of car audio, mobile entertainment, driver assistance, and safety tech in the world. Here at Sound Sensations, we’re happy to recommend Kenwood speakers to anyone looking for an upgrade, and in this article, we’ll outline some of the speakers and audio systems from Kenwood that are sure to impress.

Kenwood subwoofers

Kenwood has a great range of subwoofers to fit any car audio need. The XR-W12F is a 12-inch oversized shallow speaker with a short mounting depth of less than four inches. Alternative versions are available in 10-inch, 12-inch-, and 8-inch configurations. Another range of carbon glass fiber cone shallow subwoofers is the KFC-XW range, from 800W to 2030W in power.

Kenwood speakers

Kenwood offers two-way speakers with a polypropylene cone woofer ranging from 4-inches by 6-inches to 7-inches. You have the option of component speakers with a silk soft-dome tweeter or speakers with a balanced dome tweeter.

Kenwood OEM placement speakers

The speakers that came from the factory with your car are rarely the best on the market, but it can be intimidating to replace them as they fit so perfectly into your vehicle’s interior. This is why Kenwood offers vehicle-specific dash speaker and door speaker replacements.

You can easily replace your factory-installed speakers with an outstanding set of component or mid-range speakers from Kenwood. Most of the time, these are direct replacements with multi-brackets for easy replacement in Chevrolet, Dodge, Toyota, Chrysler, and many more vehicles.

Of course, you don’t need to install these speaker replacements on your own. If you’re looking for “car audio installation near me”, Sound Sensations can oblige. We’re expert, authorized installers of Kenwood car speakers and can perform the entire car stereo installation for you, including the installation of the speakers.

Kenwood pre-loaded enclosures

For some serious oomph, consider a pre-loaded enclosure. These include one or more Kenwood subwoofers wrapped up in a solid enclosure. As an example, the P-XW1221DHP is a dual 12-inch ported enclosure that’s capable of outputting 2000W from its two KFC-XW1231HP subwoofers.

Kenwood eXcelon multimedia receivers

Now we’ve covered Kenwood’s huge range of fantastic car speakers, let’s look at some of the things you can connect those speakers up to. Kenwood’s eXcelon Reference multimedia receivers all come with a touch screen, support for Android Auto and Apple Carplay, wireless Android and iOS mirroring, high-res audio Bluetooth, dual phone pairing, USB fast charge, and support for HD cameras.

You can get up to a 10.1-inch display with ambient lighting, parametric EQ, HDMI input, and support for multiple cameras. Choose a navigation receiver and your Kenwood multimedia receiver also supports Garmin Navigation and INRIX traffic. Many models include a DVD player and some support 3D terrain view and photo-real junction view.

Kenwood eXcelon audio receivers

If you have a smaller space in your dash, you might prefer an eXcelon audio receiver over a multimedia receiver. Select eXcelon audio receivers have support for Amazon Alexa, so you can ask to hear the news, check the weather, place calls, and play music by voice command. With the right setup at home, you can even do things like switch on your home’s lights and start up the air conditioning when you’re almost there.

Kenwood eXcelon reference amplifiers

Every top-of-the-line car audio system needs an amplifier. Kenwood offers at least eight amplifiers, each with its own set of features. Of particular interest may be the OEM integration amplifier XR600-6DSP. This is a 6-channel amplifier with a built-in 10-channel DSP. It includes a 13-band graphic equalizer and a 3-point parametric equalizer. Despite its power, it's easy to set up and control via a smartphone app from Kenwood.

Kenwood speaker installation

Besides car audio equipment, Kenwood has a great range of marine audio speakers, amplifiers, and other equipment that’s designed to withstand the particular challenges of marine audio installation. Kenwood also offers dual dash camera systems and Bluetooth communication systems for motorcycle riders.

Sound Sensations is an authorized installer of Kenwood audio equipment, both for terrestrial vehicles and boats. We’ve installed hundreds of outstanding Kenwood systems over the years, and we firmly believe that Kenwood is one of the best manufacturers of vehicular audio equipment today.

Where Can I Find Car Audio Installation Near Me?

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when upgrading your ride with outstanding speakers from Kenwood. Come talk to Sound Sensations, the Kenwood installation experts in Marietta, GA, and we’ll be able to advise the best solution for your particular need. Drop us a line today, or stop in to see us.

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